Move Meeting - May 28th, 2020

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Move Meetings
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Build Progress

  • What's going on?
  • Electric supply bids are in from Richards, Graybar and C.E.S. - (CES is winning)
  • In trade for the plumbing build out, 2701 is asking that Hive13 build out the electric for the bathroom. (more than fair)
  • We need to decide what we want to add as electric sub panels. See question is Cable Pullers in SLACK
  • Plumbers will put in gas line T for stove when we designat where to put it . (Oops? On their part.)
  • Hive13 has dibs on the pallet racking on the 3rd floor both sides. We need a member team to move it into place on our side.
  • We can park Dave B's Truck at either location. Park at a dock door at 2701 and leave the sign on the dash.
  • 2701 has purchased exterior door replacements for a number of entries, including ours at the bottom of the stairs. Install TBD.
  • 2701 Windows
  • 2701 has contracted ADT to do fire and burglar alarms. David W. wants to have a conference call with Drew & Dave V re access control selection and integration. He will arrange.
  • DESIGN CHALLENGE. 2701 is asking that Hive13 design and install a door to our space at the top of the front stairs. It's open now and there is a sliding fire door on the inside. Dave V. to post the challenge.

What's Next?

  • Next task is to either bid our the electric installation work or organize and do it ourselves. What work do we want to do ourselves?


Electrical: We have quotes for some material, but not all Electrician offered two options for panels, either subs or taps from transformer Hive13 will cover bathroom electrical

Gas for stove: plumber said would come back to do once we are ready

Pallet racks: wesselman says have at whatever is on the third floor, let him know if we want anything else Anyone willing to lead a racking team? Jeff B. will lead, he just needs access, thinks he can get it done this weekend

Access control: wesselman working with ADT to for burglar and fire alarm, needs to talk with us about access control system and requirements, he has 3 options, need to talk. Dave V, Chris, and Drew to work

Fire door at front needs a door for access control framed in front of it, really only for access control, same as elevator

Thanks chris for picking up more track

Some drywall hung

Windows: Dave and Jill tried to clean, they were too dirty, then need power wash, and many in very bad condition, dave S is gonna work on window lubing

Found exterior faucet we can use to power wash

Electrical: let’s just buy the material quoted and get it in, we can fill gaps later. Everyone agrees

Wifi: they are building out the wireless, we will get access eventually