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Put down any and all ideas for what to call the hackerspace. Most hackerspaces seem to have a cool name.


  • **The Bakery** - I thought it was funny when at the meeting someone suggested that as geeks none of us could bake anything for the bake sale and then half the people at the table were like, "No, I'm totally into baking." 1241017102
  • **CHP** - Cincinnati Hackerspace Project. Just like it is on the mailing list. I'm sure we can come up with cool logos based on those letters :) Plus it will look good on a baseball cap.
  • **Cincinnati Technical Enrichment Center** - or "The Enrichment Center" or "CinciTEC" for short.
    • Technical because we are into machines and computers and electronics stuff
    • Enrichment has two meanings
      • Making things richer (better) through technology
      • A strong concentration of technical people, like enriching plutonium
    • Also, The Enrichment Center was the name of the Aperture Science research facility from the game "Portal" which was run by an evil talking computer named GladOS
      • Evil talking computers are awesome
      • I have a giant Compaq server that we can setup and name GladOS
    • TEC can have other definitions as well:
      • Talented Engineers Club
      • Top secret Electronics Cabal
      • Tinkerers and Eclectics Cooperative