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Hive13 Equipment
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Owner/Loaner: Hive13
Hive13 Asset Tag: None
Make/Model: generic (google)
Arrival Date: ???
Does it work?: yes
Certification Needed?: no
Contact: CTO
Floorplan: 3C

Server Rack

Sitting on top of the rack

Previous Equipment

Old Wiring Rack

There was a generic 2 post wiring rack located above the lounge in tile 1B that is the nexus of wiring. This was where the main patch panel, one GigE backbone switch (SW2) and one 10/100+2GigE PoE switch (SW3) is located, along with an IP camera. All items in this rack were powered off a BackUPS750 UPS that had failed long before the rack was removed. We weren't going to win any rack-of-the-century prize at the beauty pageant - or the organization pageant, but it was functional at one point and there was supposedly room to grow, if you felt like precariously balancing on top of rafters.

Wiring rack 12-21-12.jpg Wiring rack labelled 12-21-12.jpg

Old Server Rack

As of 12/21/12 there was a ~4 ft tall server rack on casters where all the servers lived. It lived in 1C currently but it was on wheels so it can be moved around. It used three CAT5 drops for connectivity but could make do with only two if it had to.

Server rack 12-21-12.jpg