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As of 18 Feb 2020, we are using TCP/IP v4 only at the Hive. IPv6 is enabled in our router, but the IPv6 neighbor discovery from our ISP is borked. Maybe this will clear up soon.

Network(s) in use

As of 12/21/12, we are using the / 23 network for the hive13 wired network.

  • Network address
  • First usable address, last usable address (510 addresses)
  • Subnet mask (/23)
  • Broadcast
  • Default gateway for IPv4 traffic (MikroTik device)
  • DNS (dnsmasq) provided by

DHCP Configuration

  • DHCP provided by MikroTik router
  • through available in DHCP pool

Static IPs

when I can figure out how to do tables properly on the wiki, there might be something here.