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Wireless Networks at the Hive

  • 2701-Guest is available for anyone to use. It only has internet access, might be throttled, and cannot see anything on the wired network. This includes Dumpstor. Connection info is posted on the wall outside the meeting room.

Tenants Wi-fi

  • Tenants is a WPA2-Enterprise network that will drop you onto the hive's VLAN when you give it the correct credentials. There is a folder in G Suite that has the info. You must have a email to access it, and to get one of those you need to be a member. Contact the CTO to get one.

Wireless Hardware IN USE

  • 2701SG has placed two Meraki MR56 WAPs in our space. One is located between the kitchen area and the meeting room, and one is just outside the machining bay behind the elevator shaft.