November 10, 2015

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Time: 7:30 PM Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old business

  • Housekeeping
    • Second Saturday approaches. Let's sneak a cleaning day in before the holidays.
    • Please verify legibility of waivers before accepting.
    • Noise Curfew
  • Board Meeting
    • Discount photons
    • Get a room
    • Website request for comments
  • Tour of Hivetooley
    • Gigabot update
    • Mill update
    • Laser update


Old Business

  • Housekeeping
    • Noise curfew in effect as always. :) Midnight to 8am.
    • If you make someone sign a waiver make sure it is legible!
    • Let's do a second Saturday cleanup this week! Ryan will be down here from noon to 4pm.
  • Board meeting
    • Jon sent an email to Garden Street about renting the unit next door.
    • Website - If anyone notices anything missing please bring it up! We are pretty much done with the bulk of the work.
    • Discount photons (halve the price of laser minutes)
  • Tool update
    • Gigabot - still broken
    • Mill - Other two linear encoders/scales need to be mounted, but they are here!
    • Laser update - Still trying to figure out the lid situation. We should probably add a hood prop thing/kickstand
    • CNC - If you want to learn to use it you need to put forth most of the effort on your own. Helping build out the rest of the machine is a fantastic way to learn the machine!

New Business

  • Jon is going to do a class on the NodeMCU for those interested


  • Ryan - Busy moving this last week
  • Dustin - Going to school at UC
  • Jason (new) - Will be going to school at UC soon, interested in building a digital ledger
  • John M (bludwulf) - Got to play with an electron microscope and nuclear force microscopes at UC
  • Kitty - playing around with Tinkercad, got her first commission to 3d print something!
  • Elly - Has been working on her etsy shop
  • Nancy - Went to the UC surplus sale this past week, went to the reptile expo, won $250 in "show bucks"
  • Mike - Has been busy being a lab rat at UC
  • Peter - Working on school stuff
  • Curtis - most interesting thing he did lately was run a 90lb jack hammer
  • Tim - Mech E, starting some woodworking based projects
  • Matt - Woodworking some pens
  • Greg - Will be working on the vending machine, installing an inverter in his truck
  • Marvin - Hasn't been around for a while! Here to work on the CNC with Coy.
  • Bill - Invented a new printer, printed 24 objects with serialized numbers on each at the same time overnight.
  • Jon - Started messing around with a microcontroller wifi, demoed controlling the dust collector remotely which then failed horribly.
  • Dave Lear - Has been sick
  • Ivan - Nothing!