November 11, 2014

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Time: 7:30 PM Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old Business

  • Soda machine
  • Dust collection
  • Build plate for Gigabot
  • Welding table
  • Mouse situation
  • Hive joining the Fablab Network
  • Radial arm saw

New Business

  • Taking back funds that have been approved by vote but haven't been spent yet at beginning of the year
  • Redoing entire website soon, shadoxx is spinning up a test site to begin migration. ETA beginning of year at latest
  • Member recognition
  • RFID access for non-paying members being suspended this week.
  • minecraft server


  • Brandon - Making music, getting life together
  • Joseph - Angular JS directives
  • Ryan - Architect in Cincinnati, just checking out the space.
  • Michael - Architect! Just checking out the space. Interested in expanding his knowledge.
  • Peter - Architect as well. Interested in the physical side of things (3d printing, milling, etc).
  • Katie - First collaboration with UC was this weekend. Went well! Going to finish videos for grant this week.
  • Sam - Has been writing a lot. Wants to talk to someone about learning how to make costumes.
  • Julien - Fixed the shapeoko. Member of the week!
  • Jason - Made polyurethane motor mounts.
  • John - Still trying to figure out what he did last week
  • Kirk - Just got back from replacing an oak rafter in a 1920s school house.
  • John S. - learning to use a 3d printer and made some hairballs with it.
  • Hodapp - messed around with a printer. Walked in to a wall while debugging and iOS app. LEarned part of the yiddish alphabet.
  • Jordan - Went to ikea. Once in a life time for him since he isn't ever going back..
  • Nancy - Worked on a filigree pendant. Trying to get her snakes to eat.
  • Elly - Finished her coffee table. Also made a 45 degree thing on the laser cutter since we don't have a good one.
  • Dave Lear - Trying to clean up his house to get rid of junk so he can get more junk!
  • Jim S - Power series, finished the first drive wheel. Made draft for area wardens. Worked on a box.
  • Ivan - Went to Katie's grasshopper/daap class. Watched interstellar.
  • Jon - Did things.
  • Ryan - Started working on home automation stuff. Helped Jim S make boxes.


  • Soda machine
    • going well, machine not filled up, but no one is complaining.
  • Dust collection
    • Jon and Dave L meeting afterwards to discuss.
  • Welding table
    • Jon found one for $200 yesterday, going to look at it today or tomorrow.
  • Mouse situation
    • Six mice killed, the problem is solved
  • Fridge food situation
    • Stuff is going to get thrown away
  • Radial arm saw
    • James is going to bring down blades. The saw works fine.
  • CNC night
    • Probably going to be once a month.
    • Jim is doing CAD classes which is why he switched to once a month.
  • CNC Table
    • More parts are on order. Slow progress.
  • Ryan Anderson wants to set up a anilla minecraft server
    • He is supposed post to the mailing list
    • Shadoxx can help
  • Pallet lift
    • Jim S wants to buy a pallet lift. They are about $750 on craigslist.
    • Dave Lear has one (big joe brand). They have some issues. May be very difficult to get it in here.
    • Can make things safer for using the top of the pallet racks as well as doing things like replacing light bulbs.
  • Area wardens
    • January 1st we will be doing a 3 month test run.
    • Responsible for maintaining "wards/areas" as well as hosting a monthly open house and teaching members how to use tools.
    • They will also be getting a budget for buying consumables, reparing tools, etc.
    • ANynoe curious about the draft or who wants to provide input can talk to Jim S.
  • Lights
    • Ryan will call Garden Street
  • Gigabot
    • Talk to Ivan. He wants to make it better. Talk to him!
  • Shapeoko
    • It is working! If you want to use it be careful. Dust will get everywhere. Talk to Julien.
    • Julien needs ~$70 for a new electronics shield for it.
  • This week in wiki
    • Jon presents tools! Go to the wiki and click tools on the left side bar.
    • Ryan presents how to sign up for the wiki. Go sign up now!