November 12, 2013

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old Business

  • Space Update
    • Electrician Status
      • going through civil court to get materials back from electrician. In the meantime he will purchase a second set of materials. this saturday Ian will be running the cabling through the hive and we will be hiring an electrician to connect the lines. Rough start time 3pm. Will be running cat6, rg59, 2-18 guage power cord for the video cameras, mc cable (armored cable), 10 gauge for the welder, 12 gauge for the 220 outlets. mounting a subpanel in the back
    • Camera Project
      • Saturday we will run the cables for the cameras also. Feel free to join! Ian is offering to purchase dinner.
    • Has Grant inspected the roof?
      • unknown, likely no. Jon plans to call Sarah/Emily (possible owner or part owner)
  • T-shirts Update
    • Jon has the graphics if someone would like to get them made. Ian volunteers. Expect a link in mailing list
  • Microcontroller Monday
    • We are getting a small order of Teensy3.0s due to cosmetic defects. We will be getting them from the distributor in the future at a discounted cost due to our non-profit status.
    • Shadoxx plans to make blinky lights 2.0 on a teensy3.0.
  • Saturday Cleanup.
    • Hive cleanup day starts at 1pm
  • Belt Sander Update
  • steel order
    • arrived. Should be gone within a month. Larger pieces are for the cnc mill that is an ongoing project (table). smaller stuff is for general use for Ryan and Jon. If interested in purchasing some talk to them.

New Business

  • welding gas
    • we have an account with airgas. if your tank is empty, take tank to airgas and tell them with the hive and will swap it out no questions asked.
  • dust collector
    • should be up and running soon according to Jon. Tools in this area (table saw, radial arm saw, planar, jig saw, router) to this will likely be disappearing soon, although Ed may be willing to let us purchase them off of him.
  • metal lathe
    • may be getting a metal lathe from Tiffany B's dad. More updates to follow.
  • hive cook night
    • science behind cooking - molecular gastronomy
    • possibly this friday night
  • tuesday before Thanksgiving lets do a potluck dinner rather than pizza. Ian wants to deep fry a turkey.


  • Ian(m)
  • Hodapp(m)
  • Brandon/Shadoxx(m)
  • Nancy(m)
  • Jason K(m)
  • Paul(m)
  • Dave(m)
  • Jon N(m)
  • Ryan/Twist(m)
  • Jason S(m)
  • Hutch(m)
  • Dave L(m)
  • Tyler
  • Jimbo
  • John
  • Tiffany B