November 15, 2016

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.



  • Noise Curfew - Quiet hours are 10:30pm to 7am until further notice.
  • Liability waivers must be legible

Old Business

  • Board Meeting
  • Pot luck - Hivesgiving - Nov. 29
  • Classes
  • Wood lathe is in the house.
  • Ryan is looking for someone to take over pizza delivery


Old Business

  • Board Meeting
    • The board meeting happened. Minutes are on the wiki.
  • Pot luck - Hivesgiving - Nov. 29
  • Classes
    • CNC classes occured over the weekend.
  • Wood lathe is in the house.
  • Ryan is looking for someone to take over pizza delivery
    • Steve Volunteers

New Business

  • Vote for fastener organization - Brad proposes a $400 budget to establish a basic collection of bolts and fastners. Discussion will occur on the mailing list. The vote will be called at next week's meeting.


  • Elly - Leading the meeting and such.
  • Tom - Returning after a couple months.
  • Greg - Rewired the CNC for aesthetic purposes. Working on christmas tree lights project.
  • Ryan - Worked on electronics area.
  • Brad - CNC Warden. Restored some headlights.
  • Clay - Spent time in the seventh circle of ACL hell. Worked on setting up the lathe.
  • Miles - New visitor. Has 3 kids interested in maker stuff.
  • Will - NEw arcade computer has appeared in the lounge. Has been working on home remolding
  • Andrew - Set up the lathe. Took the CNC class. Building a workbench this weekend.
  • Nancy - Built a couple new snake cages.
  • Jon - Has been playing with embedded systems programming.
  • Mike - Mumble. Mumblemumble.
  • Steve - Attended a reptile show.
  • John - Attempting ot reduce his diaper bill.
  • Ian B. - Work. Also work. Additionally, work.
  • Jim D. - Spent more time fixing a mower than mowing. This week. Jim discovers the power of the internet.
  • Kevin S - Birthday. Wondering who owns the blade helicopter.
  • Katie - Has been making headbands for a craft show.
  • Ken S - Has been producing and transporting kidney stones.
  • Dave L - Has been working on his classic (clearly not old) car.
  • Heath - Has been working on 3d modeling. Joined UC hyperloop team
  • Garret - UC student. Looking for a place to work on projects.
  • Henry - Drafted by Jim S.
  • Jim S. - Has moved back to town. Made a baby.
  • Bill - Here to reflash the polar. Has officially patented a thing.
  • Tim - New here. Looking for a place to work on projects.
  • Hodapp - Working on Bullshit Data Analytics.
  • Elly - Cooking. Trying to stain poplar.