November 16, 2010

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Status Updates / Old Business

New Business

  • Phone number change (513)593-9292
  • Hacklab network segment

Items to be Voted on

Assigning Next Actions




  • LED Matrix
    • redesign
    • need to raise funds/get sponsor
  • reversing class
    • at 7p
    • no cost
    • clear the tables plz
    • announcing reduced tiers??
  • new membership pricing announcement, vote coming
  • phone number
    • phone works, for the most part
      • caller ID isn't working right
      • we can make outgoing calls
  • hacklab
    • separate network for security research
    • do not use it for work/personal email, god knows what's running on it
    • ssid HACKLAB_HOSTILE + wep protection
    • no i'm not going to give you the key, guess it or crack it

Next Actions