November 19, 2013

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old Business

  • Space update--Jon
    • Rained; there was more pooling water, roof still needs repair; Jon will call about it
    • Postponing sander purchase
    • Ed (former member) has many woodworking tools here and may want them back, but is out of contact
    • security camera setup still needs to happen--possibly this weekend?
    • 1 more 220 electrical drop to run, for the welder; the old drop is currently cut so welder is MIA


  • T-shirt: Jon has sent design to Ian, order will happen soon, expect email
  • Next Tuesday we will have a potluck dinner for the Hive meeting
    • Ian will fry a turkey, check mailing list to sign up to bring a dish!


  • Teensies are in from PRJC for microcontroller monday
    • They are freely available for projects, if you write up a blog post about it!


  • If you don't have an @hive13 email address and you want one--ask Ian, we have many

New Business

  • Ian is communicating with Sparkfun, they will send us goodies and a discount for members


  • autodesk is going to give us autocad software, because Ian is awesome. they may even send someone to train us!
    • also trying to get us solidworks


  • Jim--Announcement on Makerfaires
    • Deemed a success--broke even
    • Talk of doing one again next year
    • Possibly move this museum center!
    • want to preserve power tools and possibly take them to detroit maker faire


  • Shadoxx--idea for sponsorship program
    • Possible way to grow the space
    • Jim--look at Louisville hackerspace, they give "scholarships"
    • Idea is to give potential members a chance to try out the space
    • Nancy "Low introdcuctory rate" to get people hooked.
    • Shadoxx will post a proposal to mailing list


  • Hutch--We should advertise more!


  • Mike (secretary)
  • Jim D (treasurer)--visiting Detroit--working on clock project; had gears to compare laser to waterjet
  • Charles (recurring visitor)
  • Jordan
  • Jon--got dust collector mounted; 3 electrical drops have been run; many parts ordered for CNC mill!
  • Ian--President--was here all wken
  • Hutch
  • Paul--given up on using raspberry p
  • Dave 2.0(m)
  • Coy
  • Franklin-fixed wiper blade
  • Chris Hodapp-hypnotized by lights
  • Brandon--awesome music responsive lights project
  • Ryan
  • Nany (m)--working on jans rag rub; went to snake reptile swap show.
  • Jason--job interview!
  • Jason--helped run electricity; fixed electronics
  • Ryan--wifi penetration testing box
  • Brent
  • Jim
  • Tiffany (virtual)


  • See old and new business