November 3, 2015

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Time: 7:30 PM Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old business

  • Housekeeping
    • Place looks less great.
    • waivers
    • Noise Curfew
  • Gigabot update
  • Mill update
  • Lorin's classes
  • Laser update


Old Business

  • Housekeeping
    • Getting a tiny bit messier, expect some vigorous cleaning soon.
    • Waivers - make sure they are legible when someone fills out a form please.
    • Noise curfew - midnight to 8am. Neighbor has complained for quiet music lately.
  • Gigabot update
    • No progress
  • Mill update
    • The new spring return is installed.
  • Laser update
    • Pretty much last thing big is to fix the lid.
    • Anyone have a 2.5" hard drive

New Business

  • Ian - Has installed the visual editor on the wiki.
  • Brad - will resume stocking soda.


  • Dustin - Finished his Halloween costume.
  • Emma - New Visitor. Goes to school down the streeet. WOrking on fabric circuits.
  • Joseph - Member. Finished his ghost voice effect in time for Halloween.
  • Ted - Hasn't been here in a few weeks. Still wants to work on lasers.
  • Elliot - Redid his home network.
  • Leslie - Somatic researhc.
  • Tim - Casting about for new projects.
  • Nancy - Dealing with a sick cat. Teaching a friend to ride motorcyckes.
  • Kevin - Working on cars. Torched a friend's new (to him) furnace when an o-ring let go.
  • Jessica - Second week back as a guest.
  • William - With Jessica. Waiting for his 3d printed parts to arrive.
  • Brad - Got the mill working. Working on the DRO this week. Interested in teaching a mill operation course.
  • Curtice - Didn't do much.
  • Ian B. - Much web administration for other groups of which he is a member. Toured the Library makerspace.
  • Greg - Working on adding temperature sensing to the soda machine controller.
  • Charlie - New visitor. Started an IOT company.
  • Todd - New visitor. Marketing guy with the aforementioned IOT company.
  • Brandon - New. Also with the IOT company. Starting into home coffee roasting. Working with embedded devices.
  • Andrew - 3D printer is nearing mechanical completion. Software is coming.
  • Dave L. - Has been sick lately.
  • Bill S. - Developed a new 3D printing technique this week.