October 1, 2013

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old Business

Plumber situation (leaky bathroom) Laser issues

New Business


  • Jon
  • Ryan
  • Hodapp--Doing Oracle-type work
  • Brandon AKA Shaddox--Fixed the Laser! Working on membership intro packets
  • John "2.0"--paid dues for first time, will be working on worksho
  • Jake Murphy--did a staycation
  • Mike
  • Bill Steel (m)--3D printer designed finalized!. Helped reveerse engineer a car
  • John 3.0.--New Member! working on CNC machine project
  • Ross--destroyed unwanted saplings
  • Emily--made made a breakaway lanyard, and is continueing to knit socks
  • Jordan--March aga
  • Allan-buitlt a server
  • Barry-new!
  • Stephanie
  • Chris--on furlough,
  • Ian--el presidente, can now add money to your RFID through
  • Amber
  • Tye--looking into virtualization
  • Ryan--lost voice this week
  • Elizabeth
  • Laura--went w/o phone or internet this week to catch up on writing
  • Jason
  • Ellie--Laser can't cut rosewood. working on Etsy projects
  • Tyler--student at UC, electrical engineering, a little home automation
  • Jason AKA Frictor--game day will be saturday
  • Jess--new member
  • Paul--brought pizza :)

Remote Attendees


  • Plumber will be coming tomorrow at 3:00 to fix leaky bathroom pipe. Ian will be here
    • Grant has been hard to get hold of...


  • Discussion of power tool drag racking and mini maker faires
    • Bill, Jim, and Jason went to Louisville. "It was awesome"
    • "Christmas Tree" for drag racing is currenntly in Hive, it worked great.
    • At table in Kitchen, there are some posters for Cinci Maker Faire
      • Take some and post them up to advertise!!
    • Columbus maker faire is on the 13th--some members are going
    • Cincinnati faire is on the 18th!


  • Shaddox--Laser update
    • Firmware has been reset, its back at functioning 100% (for now)
    • There is now a service log on the wiki
    • Red spotting laser is gone until we can make a new mount
    • in the process of redesigning laser mount.
    • Need to source hydraulics for door
    • contact Shaddox (Brandon) if you run into laser issues!!!


  • Shaddox--intro packet for new members
    • Give Shaddox ideas for what to include to make it awesome, esp if you joined recently.
  • Ian--if you don't have an RFID see IAN
  • Ian--electrician coming in Thursday to look at cabling in Dirty Room (and wood shop drop)
    • This will be 2nd quote, then we'll get this done.
  • Shaddox working on some more procedural documentation stuff--such as how to turn on/off lights
    • Be on the lookout for updates via listserv
  • Ian--in the future there will be a barcode reader to get into the hive, other fancy RFID/security stuff discussed briefly
  • If you are new, please sign liability waiver!