October 13, 2015

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Time: 7:30 PM Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old business

  • Noise Curfew
  • housekeeping
  • waivers
  • Gigabot update
  • Mill update
  • Soda machine update
  • Upcoming Events
    • Country Day
    • Friendship Force
    • Books by the Banks
  • Open Positions
  • Lorin's classes


Old Business

  • Noise curfew
    • No noise from midnight until 8am.
  • Housekeeping
    • Place still looks great, thank you everyone!
    • Still getting water leaks behind the mill
  • Waivers
    • To everyone who gets people to fill out liability waivers: make sure forms are filled out legibly
  • Mill update
    • DRO was more suitably mounted. Brad tested the z axis with a 1-2-3 block and it is spot on!
  • Soda machine update
    • It is working again, Greg is working on replacing the mechanical thermostat with an electronic one.
  • Books by the banks
    • We need one more volunteer
    • Plenty of supplies for learn to solder badges
  • Edumakerfest
    • Total of maybe 50 people at the whole event
    • We need something to hand out to people
  • Lorin's classes
    • He isn't here, so check the update on the mailing list
  • Laser update
    • Hasn't tried to kill Bill recently

New Business

  • Metal working classes
    • Kirk will be hosting several metal working classes soon
    • 10/17 for metal prep
    • 10/24 beginner welding class
    • 11/7 advanced techniques welding class
  • Board meeting yesterday
    • Instead of having the usual meeting where we talk about stuff we actually did/implemented stuff.
  • Anyone who wants access to the polar3d talk to Andrew tonight.
  • Leadership got an email asking for someone to fabricate four knee braces for a treehouse he is building.


Skipped due to second tuesday talk