October 14, 2014

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old Business

  • Dust collection
  • Board meeting happened (monday, oct 13th)
* parts washer
  • Columbus makerfaire (this weekend)
  • Sumobot
  • Books by the Banks, volunteers for this weekend
  • Shapeoko stepper controller burned up

New Business

* Shadoxx has created a new facebook fan page for the Hive.
* Shadoxx will teach a basic programming class in January



  • Sumobots, need volunteers. Otherwise scheduling meetings, contact Elly by Thursday.
  • Dust collection "went well". Most of tubing is up. Needs works.
    • Wood shaper donation by Dave. VERY DANGEROUS.
  • Columbus Makerfaire, weather was well. Largest tournament ever! Season ended. We won prizes!
  • Books by the Banks. "Went well".

* Shadoxx - Worked on LED DIsplay, Furnished new apartment, Withdrew further from society.
* Coy - Working his way through the book of HoneyDo
* Dave M. - Books by the banks
 * Jason - Played paintball on saturday. 
  * Jim Dallam - Columbus Poiwer Tool Drag Racing
  * Dave - Worked on the dust collection
  * Julien - Did nothing of merit
  * Jordan - Did even less of merit.
* Joseph - worked
* Jon - dust collection stuff. visited idea foundry. mad at Ryan.
* Ken, Kevin - Won PTDR
* Dustin - Working on Halloween decor
 * Elly - Created an insert for the table saw
 * Jim Shealy - Mounted motor to gearbox for power series racing
 * Michael - Learning inkscape to create logo for a new encrypted cloud storage and email startup. 
 * Ryan - FML
 * Chris Hodapp - Shooting Engagement photos