October 15, 2013

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old Business

  • Voting on hiring electrician
  • Shaddox--welcome packet update
  • John S--Woodshop reorganization
  • Maker Faire!

New Business

  • Hive13 surveillance cameras
  • Oscilloscopes up for grabs
  • Code for Hive13 door changing oct 31.
  • This thursday/friday: power tool drag racer building sessions


  • Jim
  • Mary--new--wants to learn arduinos and get back into robots
  • Koi--went to natural bridge
  • Franklin--power tool christmas tree (thank you!)
  • Bill Steele
  • Tye (m)
  • Brent (m)--putting up maker faire flyers
  • Tyler--will put up flyers at UC!
  • Brandon AKA Shaddoxx--put out music demo, drafted welcome packet
  • David--new visitor--looking for somewhere to work on projects!
  • Chris Hodapp--research engineer
  • Elly(m)--working furiously on etsy store
  • Paul--brought pizza
  • Jon--helped with "christmas tree" for power tool racing
  • Dave B (m)--helped put in HVAC system
  • Ian-el Presidente. fixing RFID controller
  • Jason--trying to get Pineapple working on router
  • Jim D--financial guy, power tool drag racing!
  • Ryan--brought in some programmable LED strips. starting to host microcontroller mondays at 6:00
  • Dave--migrated the wiki, working on bringing back all features
  • Jason--M--went to columbus maker faire!
  • Jess(m)
  • Nancy(m)--went to convention, taking apart a nerf gun
  • Jordan(m)-
  • Marcus--finished the treasure hunt puzzle. Passing it around if people want to solve it. ALSO working on badge project
  • Chris AKA Trailer--former member, glad to be back
  • simone--first time here, interested in DIY book scanner
  • Tiffany(m)--working on hot tub
  • Ian(m)--been busy! working on kegerator

Remote Attendees


Shaddox gave update on the welcome packet.

  • 1st draft is done!
  • Ryan will be editing, then it will go out for general suggestions

Vote on hiring electrician for upgrading welder circuit, putting in new light switches, etc.

  • $850 plus materials
  • Vote passes

Maker Faire! Discussion led by Jim D.

  • Went around the room with a "roll call" of projects that will be displayed by Hive members.
    • Dave--DIY book scanner. Dave can be there 12 till 4. Can someone could take over after that?
    • Jason--showing off playsurface multi-touch table
    • Marcus--has badges for the learn to solder station(they look awesome). Planning to make some posters/displays for the station
    • Jim--elctronic analog wack-a-mole game
    • Bill--3d printers of hive13
    • Multiple members involved with power tool drage racing!
  • Jim is a (semi)official organizer--main organizer is Jason Langdon
  • Hive13 is the only hackerspace there
  • Ian--is there a generic hive13 booth? can recruit a graphic designer for this.
  • Jim--not currently, can try to lobby for it or we can show up with a tent and claim some space.
    • Tent(s) would need to to show before 12
    • Ian 2.0 has a nice 12x12 canopy
  • Power tool drag racing--many updates
    • Columbus race just happened Sunday
    • Multiple HIVE13 members have been helpful in creating and transporting the "Christmas Tree" race lights.
    • Columbus Maker Faire was at CoSI. Hackerspace was idea foundry
    • 6 serious racers, less than in the past but still a good #
    • Christmas tree light stand was working, still working on timeing/scoring stuff
    • Devil Ducky of Doom racer--had a cmaera mounted, video is on youtube. video was shwon.
    • 4 prize packages donated by Bosh. there is still time to enter. GO FOR IT.
    • There will be a workshop on Thursday and Friday this week for people who want to build racers!!
    • Ian--age limitation? Jim--over 18 officially
    • there is a $25 entry fee
    • Setup stars at 9AM. 2:00 PM bracket race starts. there will also be exhibition races, match races, etc before and after.
  • Ian--we should have someone take pictures too! Hodapp volunteered
  • Dave B--kid friendly? Jim--Yes
  • There will also be food trucks and beer.
  • PLEASE VOLUNTEER! sign up on the maker faire website. Multiple hive13 booths could use some help.

Ian--Door code into hive is changing on oct 31. You will need your RFID card

  • Outer door of achor building will not be changing.

There was a building break-in over weekend. HIVE was not hit, but..

  • Do we want a DVR system to catch sneaky guys on video?
  • Cameras would be on street and entrances--not on HIVE13 interior.
  • Ian proposed putting a system like he has at into place at hive.
    • $550 for everything, would suit our purposes.
    • this will be put out to the mailing list, and then there wil be a vote.
    • Everyone can access it via phone.

Hodapp--what's the story on teh 2 oscilloscopes "over there?"

  • They are up for grabs. both old but power up. one is very out of callibration.