October 16, 2018

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Time: 7:30 PM Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.

Meeting Agenda


  • Noise Curfew - Quiet hours are 10:30pm to 7am.
  • Shelf E is up for grabs. New stuff goes on Shelf A.
  • Liability waivers must be legible.
  • Broken things at the Hive? E-mail broken@hive13.org to report them.

Old Business

  • Laser Cutter Status
    • Big Laser
      • Z motors may be stuttering; may be the honeycomb is in the way
    • Small Laser
  • 2x4 Challenge Competition
  • Internet Upgrade
    • Done Today
    • 200 Up / 10 Down
    • Faster speeds seem to be a thing
      • This does not mean it's OK to Torrent here now.
      • WiFi still is somewhat slow
  • Made in Camp

New Business

  • Social Media
    • Join the group on Meetup. That is where we will post classes and events.
    • If you see a Facebook post from or related to the Hive, like it or post it to the page.
    • We want to work on growing the community and focus on the community itself.
    • If you know a place that could use a sign for the open house, let us know or grab it from the Wiki and print it out and take it there.
    • Will may be giving an overview of Slack?

Upcoming events


  • Open House Food Budget
    • $500
    • Proposed by Leadership
  • Next week - Quadcopter Simulation Software
    • $250
    • Proposed by Will


  • Housekeeping
    • As above.
  • Old Business
    • Laser Update
      • Big Laser is working well, including Z zero
      • Small Laser is a thing
  • 2×4 Challenge
    • Entries are out in the main area
    • Take a look and voting might be a thing
    • Another challenge in the future
  • Internet is now upgraded
  • Made in Camp
    • Had ~30 people
    • It picked up later on
  • New Business
    • Sociopathic Media
      • Meetup Group will have our classes
      • Facebook Group - interact with our posts
      • Slack channel is getting some activity
    • Made a proposal to Greenville, SC to take PTDR down for an event
      • More details to come
      • Early April
  • Upcoming Events
    • Open House
      • 2-9 PM
      • Members should show up and show off what they're doing
      • Laser demonstrations
      • Woodturning demonstration
      • Bionic Tigers will be showing off their robot
    • Books by the Banks
      • Taking L2S there
      • Brad double-booked us
      • 10-4
    • Board Meeting Nov 12th
  • Votes
    • Open House Food
      • 12 Voting
      • 4 Abstain
      • 8 Yes
      • 0 No
    • Quad Copter Sim - Learn how to fly quad copters without crashing
  • Frisbee Round
    • Greg - Open House,
    • Mitchell - 3D wave, Raspberry Pi tracking
    • Ryan - EE, Cortex-M MCUs
    • Rob - Software Engineer
    • Jaleesa - Rob's +1
    • Kerensa - baking cookies, toilet backed up
    • Mark - back after about a year away
    • Vicente - applying for membership, electronics, robotics, mechanics
    • Sam - first time, Economic Director in Price Hill, wanted to learn about the Hive
    • Will - got over the plague, finished up 2×4 Challenge
    • Ian - hacking on the cyborg implant, web server blood sugar readings, cameras
    • Hodapp - pan/tilt composite image device
    • Chris D - off and on member, new Point of Sale system at work, took a flight in a Globe Swift, working on traffic control systems
    • Dave V - certifying people on the laser, worked with robotics team, making Round Toits for the Open House
    • Brad - Fought FitBits by the ton, addicted to auctions
    • Franklin - not anything at the moment
    • Tim - adjusting to AutoCAD, building own computer
    • Mason - field service engineer, wants to get into woodworking
    • John - fiddling with Raspberry Pis
    • Jim - failed the 2×4 Challenge for making a chain
    • Dave L - glued up wood for door frames for his old car