October 29, 2013

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old Business

  • Electrician update
  • Shout out for Microcontroller Monday
  • Hive cameras

New Business

  • Game day this saturday
  • Cinci 2600


  • Mike (secretary)
  • Tiffany B
  • Shadoxx--cleaned hive and microcontroller monday
  • Ryan--microcontroller monday!
  • Jason--job search, brought jack-o-lantern
  • Jessica
  • Jordan-went to Kings Island
  • Brian-m
  • Jason-m
  • Nick--first time here!
  • Chris Hodapp-helped Jason and Ryan be unproductive
  • Dave (m)
  • Ian-president, will be working on RFID project
  • Jon-COO-working on RFID stuff
  • Hutch--first time here, retired electrician, ran a stepper from an arduino this week
  • Koi
  • Bill--printing tiny stuff on printer
  • Franklin--new kindle, new freedom po
  • James--2nd time here!--made a list of things he wants to do
  • Jen--guest--Tiffany is showing her laser cutting
  • Jay--first time
  • Tang(?-sorry!)--
  • JR--hacking smart watch
  • Brent--working on mouse-teensydiuino interface
  • Dave
  • Ian--awesome flame breathing jack-o-lantern
  • John--working on woodworking area
  • Tiffany V (m)
  • David (m)--organized after move
  • Elly (m)--won 1st in pumpkin carving contest! planning to make paper and dyes
  • Paul (m)

Remote Attendees

  • Elizabeth (member)


  • Microcontroller Monday
    • thanks Jon, Ryan, and Shadoxx!
    • 6:00 Mondays come hang out and work on projects
    • Shaddoxx/Brandon demonstrated his music-following LEDs


  • Electrician update
    • Electricin has gone MIA without completing job
    • Ian has left many messages


  • T-shirts--emailed craig--nothing yet


  • Game day coming up Saturday
  • Cinci 2600 coming up friday--computer security and crypto


  • Cameras--$500 system
    • We will be able to access it via local network or VPN, so will other Anchor residents.
    • 600 lines of resolution--Jon and Ian had some discussion of cameras
    • We may put current indoor cameras
    • Garden street has put in camera across street
    • Proposal voted and passes


  • Roof--Grant (Garden Street) is going to come out and take a look


  • Ryan--Saturday Cleanup.
    • On the table there is a bunch of messy stuff on central table--take a look if its yours or you know where it goes!


  • Ian--door code is changing THURSDAY. you need an RFID!


  • Ian--RFID update. we will be putting west door and south door on RFID
    • Jon and Ian will be designing a new board for this.
    • Goal--wire up by the end of next week.


  • Jon--Belt sander/spindle sander is needed. Looking at one an craigslist for $150, +some accessories.
    • Probably will vote on this next week


  • Ian--sign a waiver if you are new, find Shadoxx for a tour!