October 3, 2017

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.



  • Noise Curfew - Quiet hours are 10:30pm to 7am until further notice.
  • Liability waivers must be legible
  • Label your personal supplies & tools
  • Ask first before using materials which may belong to others - post to the mailing list!
  • If in doubt ask the mailing list.
  • Keep the space clean. If you need to have a mess, claim it on the mailing list.

Old Business

  • Vacuuformer - all systems go. Ready to get some plastic sheets to test. NewDave is building a box for the former to sit on (thanks NewDave)
  • Learn to Solder should be OK for the Maker Faire.
  • Shape - oh! - Ko: Ryan is doing some good work. Need to check with Doc to see if he has the missing boards

Upcoming events:

    • Board Meeting: Need to decide on upcoming board meeting date: Oct 9, or Oct 16 -- will we be too exhasted by mkrfr for the 9th?
    • Big shows:
      • Oct. 7th-8th - Cincinnati Maker Faire
        • Need Volunteers Signed up for Learn To Solder -- See mailing list for link to sign-up
        • Also help with transport, trebuchet.
      • Oct 14th & 22nd - Camp Washington Artist Tour
      • Oct. 20th-21st - Louisville Maker Faire? Not sure of status.
      • Books by the Banks - October 28th

New Business

  • Vacuuform - operational, but not fully cuuumed yet.
  • Shape-oko - Shapey. About 90% oko. Still plugging away at it...
  • Trebuchet - WE have 2, Mike's and Will's. Mike's Treb is in! Mike will not be available for the faire, so folks will need to coordinate with him a bit.
  • Lorin still needs volunteer to film Ultimaker certification video

The week in Wiki

  • "Upcoming events" is now a new section of weekly minutes. It was too confusing to have this info interspersed with new and old business.
  • Spooning


Frisbee Round

Nancy - Will use CC-TV to make sure you do your dishes. Worked on treb sling. Needs to test said sling. Dave - Working on his bench and old car Brent - Graphics programming and camera hacking. Sounds cool. Franklin - Has been moving Justin - New visitor. UC grad. Checking things out. James - Working. His wife is going out of town, so he'll be dorking at hive now. Kevin - Visitor. Interested in what's up. Jason - Former member. Working on 89 chevy suburban that's been chopped into a pickup. Greg - COO. Hay fever. Apathy. Meh. Karensa - 3D printing & modeling. CHris Davis - Stencils for ceramic glazing. Chris Hodapp - Homework. Stackenblocken!!!! Mike Horwath - Also has life... Made falafel. Lorin - Printed part of his skull. Tim - Tim working on a table. Brad - President. Maker Faire.