October 4, 2016

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.



  • Noise Curfew - Quiet hours are 10:30pm to 7am until further notice.
  • Liability waivers must be legible.

Old Business

  • Bylaw revisions
    • Will have meetings (after makerfaire) - talk about two issues per meeting
    • Shooting for the voting meeting early November
  • Game night

New Business

  • Makerfaire:
    • Need volunteers - See spreadsheet to sign up
    • Need projects
    • LTS parts have been ordered
      • How many irons?
      • LTS - need soldering irons (maybe bring some bad ones to loan)
      • Activity - interactive and focused. Any ideas?
  • Makerfaire after party
    • Hosted by the Hive - Saturday October 8th, evening
    • Volunteers
    • Need a flyer
  • Books by the Banks
    • Oct. 15, 10-4
    • Good to go on the LTS
      • How many power strips
    • Need volunteers
  • Second Tuesday Talk
    • Bill on old computers


Old Business

  • Bylaw Revisions
    • Postponing meeting
    • After CMMF, we'll start having meetings
    • Probably tackle one or two issues each meeting
  • First Hive Game Night
    • Tried out Will 's Mario Kart game
    • Lesson: Skip work, go to Game Night, Ian
    • Will become a regular thing

New Business

  • CMMF Omnibus
    • Sign up
    • Soldering Irons
      • Had six stations running at last one
    • Need projects
    • Activities
      • Any ideas?
      • Elly will be researching
    • After Party
      • Volunteers
      • Flyer
  • Books by the Banks
    • L2S
      • Use the shit we have left
        • Elly thinks we'll have enough
          • If that's the case, we're fucked
      • How many power strips
    • Volunteer signup coming soon
  • Next Tuesday is homebrew
  • Second Tuesday in November, Bill will ramble on about old computers
  • Vote for $150 to pay back Dave for DRO stuff (Brad will post on the mailing list)
  • Vote for $110 for metal waste can and fire extinguisher (Andrew posted on the mailing list)


  • $300 CNC vote
    • Elly is terrible and forgot last week
    • Vote for software and pendant
    • 16 Present
    • 1 Abstain (Ian is a dipshit)
    • 1 No (Dave B is a twit)
    • 14 Yes


  • Greg - more X-mas light work, updated wiki for breaker panel, started work on dust collector controller, built some pallet rack shelves
  • Ian - hasn't been present for two months because too busy
  • Will - Tested Mario Kart prototype, clearing out garage for next big project
  • Brad - getting ready for PTDR, made a bolt out of aluminum on the lathe, class on 22nd.
  • John - nothing very exciting, busy with a lark
  • Tiffany - pallet rack moving
  • Dave B - banging head against firmware, banging head against SQL in Louisiana
  • Mike - printed PokeBalls
  • Kevin - playing with Android TV boxes, having fun with Katie (giggity?)
  • Katie - made a hotel and a girl scout
  • Jim - back finally, and Int'l Tool Show in Chicago, went to American Precision Museum in Windsor, Vt.
  • Hodapp - collected 20-30# of black walnuts, made them into ink, stains through gloves
  • Dave L - woodworking, out of town over weekend, putting together a DOS box
  • Tim - finally figured up how to string up crossbow closet, ink is arguably easier
  • Ken mumbled
  • Nancy - do your dishes, load the dishwasher, made a snake cage, quit throwing trash in the rag bucket
  • Clay - becoming a member, finished network deployment, moved fourteen servers, wind therapy, wrote papers for school
  • Steve - going up to Columbus for Ohio Linux Fest
  • Franklin - another cell phone with fewer cracks, not much else
  • Tim - first time here - into electronics/RasPI/Arduino, likes to tinker, checking us out
  • James - de-soldering Shapokeo (I seriously need to learn how to spell it) to repair it, should be functional soon
  • Elly - went to Game Night, fucked up some things, got screwed (by buying one screw at a time)