October 6, 2009

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Time: 7:00 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Status Updates / Old Business

  • Officer Reports
    • President
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • COO
    • CTO
  • Form 1023 -Dave
  • Cabling Oct. 10 - Starbuck
  • Console Gaming Night Oct. 10 - ???
  • MAME barter with KOIPound - Starbuck, Craig, ChrisA
  • Cincy Co-Works - cjdavis
  • Propaganda / Diplomacy Committee - ???
  • BattleBots - Nathaniel

New Business

  • Scheduling a Special Review Meeting - Dave
    • reviewing fees, officers, committees, etc.
  • Establishing Policies - Board of Directors
    • contributing vs full, lending vs donating
  • Roadmap
  • University of Cincinnati Laboratory for Recreational Computing Linux Installfest http://pohl.ececs.uc.edu/installfest/
  • KOIPound

Items to be Voted on

Assigning Next Actions



  • Dave
  • gerard
  • (someone)
  • chris davis
  • Paul
  • Kris
  • (someone)
  • pokes
  • nathan
  • Chris A
  • avishaan
  • jason
  • craig
  • Jim
  • linville
  • TP


KOI burners

  • pokes, nathan, britney
  • have a similar space KOIPound, 2008 freeman ave.
    • performance space, workshop space, open courtyard
  • "collective of performers, artists, makers, mad scientists..."
  • going to do a MAME cabinet project
  • pedal-powered art car with some tech aspects
  • will be getting into metalworking
  • would be awesome to trade skills and projects
  • around 30ish regulars
  • koipound.org koiburners.com
  • full woodshop, leather-smithing shop, stone carving tools,
  • we have open potluck every week on wednesdays and sundays
  • membership is $25 per month, was $50 for access to the shop
  • craig: there is a contact in this shop with the ability to hook us or koi up with metalworking tools
    • let's follow up on this!
  • let's trade emails, etc.

cincy co-works

  • gerard
  • co-working spaces are for people that would otherwise be working from home, tele-commuting, stuff like that
  • gives people with laptops a place to work besides starbucks, panera, etc
  • we are trying to start one up in cincinnati (there isn't one yet)
  • there is also a Jelly group in cincinnati that is sort of related
  • we are currently looking for a space, figuring out business aspects
  • have had a couple successful meetups
  • also good for networking with other people
  • hive13 is pretty much empty all day in the day time
  • is hive13 is maybe not finished enough?
    • co-working spaces are traditionally slicker than what we have here
  • gerard is cool with how finished hive13 is
  • would like to schedule a regular meeting at a regular place
    • cjdavis can let you in
    • pick a time and do it!  :)
    • about an 8 hour block
  • might possibly charge for it


  • a contact that Kris knows looking for a new space to to work
  • does food, would upgrade the kitchen
  • we should definitely talk to this guy too

Form 1023

  • almost done
  • will run it by experts within this week
  • will post a query to the hackerspaces.org list also


  • let's just get it done
  • tonight!


  • down this month
  • 12 full, 6 student
  • send out an email about membership drive to bring in new members?
    • everyone try to bring in new people with publicity
  • not enough money to spend on extras this month


  • our fee is kinda high right now
  • we can't lower it yet

should we have a 6-month review meeting

  • yes, maybe it would be wise for at least the board to sit down
  • or maybe quarterly?
  • yes

membership tiers?

  • lower fees?
  • reduce to one tier?
  • people keep wanting to become contributing members to pay less but then don't contribute extra
  • "in-kind donation"
  • how do account for what people "contribute"
  • avishaan: maybe we need more group projects, competitions
    • everyone wants to be a part of a group
    • example: red bull racing, pumpkin tossing

competitions - group cohesion

  • we need to do more of this type of stuff
  • fun nights, movie nights
  • open hack nights
  • weeknights that are more generic - like instead of python night make it every wednesday is code night, microcontroller mondays
  • give people reasons to come
  • microcontroller mondays
  • programming wednesdays
  • drink beer friday - "full frontal nerdity"
  • eggbot
  • monthly lockin/hackathon night

officer elections

  • we need to replace officers
  • we will hold election first meeting of november

PR committee

  • this needs to be a working group
  • Jim is interested in this
  • we should blog more more
  • show off our stuff
  • whuffie/twitter


  • ChrisA - if you know where the leaks are get ahold of doug cuz he's looking to fix it up

business cards

  • let's get a nice design and order up a crapload for free from somewhere

gaming nights

  • let's try to do this this weekend

Next Actions