October 6, 2015

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Time: 7:30 PM Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old business

  • Noise Curfew
  • Hive13 t-shirt orders
  • Laser Update
  • Gigabot update
  • Mill update
  • Soda machine update
  • Upcoming Events
    • Country Day
    • Friendship Force
    • Books by the Banks
  • Open Positions


Old Business

  • Noise curfew
    • No noise from midnight to 8am.
  • T-shirt orders
    • Pretty much done at this point. Lots of shirts left for anyone who wants one.
  • Laser update
    • Jon tried to kill Bill with it.
    • Bill tried to kill Elly with it.
    • New auto leveling thing on order
    • If you want to cut on it talk to Jon, he will teach individuals, but not general classes.
  • Gigabot
    • No major progress. Bill brought down a set of RAMPS electronics to replace the old broken ones.
    • We need a board to read the thermocouple from the heat bed.
  • Mill update
    • New z axis linear scale on it. The DRO is alive!
    • The other two linear scales will be about $100.
    • Spindle replacement is on order, will be another few months.
  • Soda machine
    • The compressor is probably dead now.
    • Greg volunteered to look in to it.
  • Maker fest this weekend
    • Brad is volunteering for it.
    • It is at Cincinnati Country Day school.
  • Dayton Friendship Force
    • They would like to visit next Tuesday (October 13th).
    • Jon and Elly will be here at 11ish to show them around.
  • Books by the banks
    • Elly and Mike are manning this
  • Open positions
    • We need a secretary and two area wardens.
    • We need a fab lab area warden and a CNC area warden.

New Business

  • Clocks don't explode!
    • Ryan wants to host a class on making some 7 segment clocks.
    • Would tentatively be $40.
  • Lorin wants to host a sound hacking class.
  • Kevin talked to a VP from Bosch at the NY Maker Faire.
    • They are really interested in PTDR and hackerspaces in general.
    • A lot of companies want to donate stuff to the hive if everyone is cool with this.
  • Amanda (someone at UC working on the makerspace/hackerspace communication) will be visiting the hive on Oct 9th at 2pm for anyone who wants to be there to discuss.


  • Ryan - Has been on call this week so he has been busy. Is moving, but doesn't know where to go. Anyone aware of apartments in the hyde park/oakley area?
  • Dark Ian - Has spent the past two weeks moving the websites to new servers.
  • Dustin - Has been trying to start a student group at UC to go along with Lorin's makerspace stuff.
  • Andrew (new) - Has been dreaming of making a digital live action role playing game.
  • Lorin - Is glad he is here since academia has been driving him crazy.
  • Jon - Tried to kill bill with the laser again.
  • Sam (new) - Interested in multi channel audio, did an installation last week.
  • Elly - Working on halloween costumes. Has been 3d printing parts of it.
  • Peter - Schoolwork, hangin out.
  • Curtis - Just signed up!
  • Greg - Spent last week sick. Fixed his truck and broke it again.
  • Andrew - Did nothing this last week, the week before he worked on his mendel 90.
  • Ted - Visited a couple of weeks ago, writing about hackerspaces. Has managed to lock him self out of 3 ubuntu virtual servers in the last week.
  • Ken - Going to Florida next week!
  • Katie - Has been working the last week.
  • Kevin - Playing around with his new Ultimaker 2.
  • Brad - Got the DRO working on the mill. Also preparing for maker fest.
  • Bill - Found quite a few ways to break the laser. Got a new 3d printer for "analysis".
  • Joseph - Spent the last week digging deeper in to audio circuits.
  • Hodapp - Didn't break anything in the last week.
  • Ivan - Concrete work and took a vacation to Dallas, TX.
  • Will - Did not have any fun in the last week.
  • Rob Thornton - Matt Anthony told him to stop by and say hi!