October 7, 2014

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Time: 7:30 PM Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old Business

  • Nerf battle
    • sumobots (Elly)
  • Dust collection
  • Board meeting coming (monday, oct 13th)
  • parts washer

New Business

  • Columbus makerfaire (this weekend)
  • Sumobot funding vote
  • Books by the Banks, volunteers for this weekend
  • Shapeoko stepper controller burned up


  • Ryan H. - Server Inventory, LED Bulk Order , CNC Parts
  • Shadoxx - Working on LED display. Looking for system administration work. Slowly withdrawing from society.
  • Tim - new, checking out the space
  • Elly - learning about overweight pushy MINI ROBOTS
  • Sam - 3d printing soon
  • Charles - Home renovation
  • Ryan - Machining
  • Ian Blais- Working, a lot
  • Julian - Shapeoko stuff
  • Ian - Making earrings with the laser cutter for a 5 year anniversary gift.
  • Kevin - Preparing for PTDR in Columbus (also brought down a ladder for us to use!)
  • Andrew - New Visitor. Interested in 3D printing.
  • Kurt? Kirkplease let it be kirk. we need a kirk.? - Also visiting.
  • Bill - Donated some beefy 12V power supplies. Working on the delta printer.
  • Matt - Working on his fish tank hood. Working on his 3D printer's filament feed problems.
  • Franklin - mumblemumble power tool drag racing *BZZT*
  • Jim - PTDR
  • Ken - Kevin's dad. PTDR.
  • James - Ray Bradbury party, need to burn some of the books here!
  • Dave Lear - Dust collection
  • Dave Menninger - Working on Books by the banks. Ordering parts for LED throwies.
  • Hodapp - LED display
  • Coy - Fired shadoxx (not mad at shadoxx this week)
  • Jim S - Good progress on power series!
  • Jon - RFID Boards
  • Ivan - Almost done working on his arduino controlled heated blanket, aka the immolator!
  • Emily - Speakers?
  • Valerie - Just finished assembling 3D printer


  • Dust collection
    • Everything here, moving along
  • Columbus makerfaire
    • Need a few people to help load out the hive. This friday@5PM.
    • Makerfaire will be at COSI from 12pm until 6pm.
    • PTDR will be going up for the last race of the season
  • Books by the Banks (Dave M)
    • Still need a few volunteers. Just Dave and Mike H right now.
  • Sumobot vote
    • $100
    • Passed: 19 for, 0 against.
  • Shapeoko controller burned out
    • three new chips ordered by Jon, may need a few more.
    • If this doesn't work we may need to buy a new controller.