October 8, 2013

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old Business

  • Board game day past Saturday
  • Plumbing update
  • Electrical update
  • Cincinnati Maker Faire approaching!

New Business


Mike H (secretary) Jason--started up game days Amber Elly--working on stuff for etsy Nancy--watched cars at the raceway Tiffany (m) Dave Chris--wrote a lot of bad code and learned more about Git Laura--elder signs app Jake--building CNC machine Ruth--artist Brandon (Shaddoxx)--setup minecraft server Tye--working with opensynth Chris--fire show Brad--mech engineering grad student; 3d printer and scanner. 1st meeting! Franklin--prototyping board John (m) working on organizing woodshop Ruth--Dayton engineering science sypmosium coming up! Koi--turing 3d printer Bill S--prepping 3d printers for maker faire! and cut grass with robotic lawnmower Jon--(COO) Ian--President. installed 16 channel DVR at home. working on vending machine in back, which will be stocked with cool stuff Jason--fixed broken cars and computers Ryan--new teensy board for in Stepanie--artwork, reading days at UC Matt--guest, working on pen and paper

Remote Attendees


  • game day
    • this saturday's game day was a success
    • Jason--goal is to have them 1st saturday every month.
  • Plumber has fixed bathroom pipe leak, but we need to pay bill
  • Ian had another electrician come in to get a quote: ~$800, sounds about right for what we want done.
    • formal announcement: next week we will vote on hiring electrician to fix welding room and add new outlets
    • Ian will send an email description and "remote vote" poll
  • Jon--we have a leaky roof, and landlord is not very responsive.
    • For now, do not keep your stuff in corner with metal shelf--it may get wet
    • Will make more attempts to contact
  • Tiffany--safety videos
    • has camera at hive tonight
    • please volunteer to give demo/safety videos of stuff you're familiar with!
  • Shaddox--"welcome to the hive" packet
    • Working on it, mostly complete
    • will hopefully find time to finish it this week
  • Space needs some cleaning. See Jon if you want to help!
  • If you have RFID issues, or still need a card, see Ian!
  • Dave--backing up wiki around 7:30 tonight, it will be offline briefly