Open House 2019

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April 27th, 2019 from 2 P.M. to 9 P.M.



Must Do

  • Check our stock of Learn to Solder supplies
  • Normal Saturday Cleanup tasks
  • Sweep and mop the annex hallway
  • Clean the grill
  • Wash lathe/mill covers
  • Blow out Dumpstor (probably on Friday so the dust can settle)
  • Paint the sandwich board

Nice to Have

  • Finish wiring speakers in lounge
  • Route the can crusher air line better


  • Create verbiage about the event
Hive13 will be hosting an open house on October 20th to celebrate our maker community and let the rest of Cincinnati join in the party.
Join us from 2pm until 9pm for Food, Drinks, Socializing, & Celebration. 
If you have never been to Hive13, this is a great time to come down and see some of the great projects that members have created. Meet the people that make the community great.
  • Flyer to pass out
  • Post notifications
    • reddit
    • Cinci Discord
    • Facebook
    • Meetup
    • twitter
    • Hive blog


  • Schedule
    • Doc to be posted
    • Woodturning demo
    • obtain turning scrap
    • Food (manning the grill?)
      • obtain food
      • obtain drink
      • obtain ice
      • obtain plates
      • obtain utensils
      • obtain napkins
      • Learn to Solder
  • 2×4 Challenge?
    • need voting system