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An old picture, its much worse now...



We need shelving bad. Currently our workbench is literally covered and surrounded by assorted stuff. Any shelving that we do get must be able to support the weight of several CRT's on a shelf. We want it to be sturdy, durable, and preferably not too expensive.

Project Lead

  • This project needs a project lead.


  • Paul
  • This project needs more contributors.

Project Status

Currently looking at the costs for different types of shelves. We have pretty much settled on building our own, so this requires us to both decide on a shelf design and price out materials.

Project Needs

  • People willing to devote time, energy, and money to the project.
  • A shelving unit design
  • More wood working expertise.

Shelving Ideas

People have looked into various different shelving systems, from DIY with wood to buying a pre-made setup from a place like Costco.

Costco in Mason

Seville 48" Wide Four-Shelf Unit - $74


Sam's Apparently has shelving units for ~$100.


Wal-Mart has these wire shelving units:

Whitmor Supreme 4-Tier Shelving System - $68

Whitmor Supreme 5-Tier Shelving System - $77

DIY Wood Shelves

@August 4, 2009 meeting, it was suggested we price out lumber for $100 to build our own shelves.

For an example of possible DIY shelves, here's a screenshot of a video from a new hackerspace in Canada:

Wood Information

  • For the plywood I think we are going to want it to be pretty thick and not of low quality.
    • We don't want it to crack under the weight, or start to fall apart if it gets damp // wet.
    • It can get quite humid in the space and the roof leaks in a couple places, so it will essentially be in a hot damp environment in the summer.

Wood Sourcing

Online Resources

Cantilevered Shelves

We found these shelves online, there are several DIY-type sites linking to each other referencing them. Given someone's time to design the shelves and cut the wood using the power tools in the Dirty Room, this could be a very economical way to go.