Outreach Committee Meeting - August 19th, 2021

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Outreach Committee Meetings
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  • Will Bauer
  • Dave Velzy
  • Tara K
  • Brad Walsh
  • John Clark
  • Paul Vincent


Made in Camp

October 9th

Dave Velzy

  • Done for 5 - 6 years
  • Artist Gallary Crawl
  • Map that your location will be on, Hive13 has been on the map a number of years. We set our hours, our rules
  • Wesselman (building owner) is concerned about covid risk for building involvement. They are not doing anything. If we participate, we are on our own.
  • We can prepare to host, then abort. But if we don't prepare, that is not an option.


  • Maybe outside thing?


  • Ask owners if we can setup in the parking lot

Dave V:

  • Loading dock maybe? Requires we plan ahead & manage crowd
  • Sand which board on street w/ phone number
  • Don't want people wandering around in building

Tara & Dave:

  • Enforce occupancy limit


  • Show people around? Did we have an activity?


  • "What can you do with a 2x4?" had a judging contest
  • Show off tool
  • Plotter on the CNC, drew the map of ohio on the CNC
  • Demo all the 3d prints
  • Disabled dangerous tools so table saws couldn't be turned on


  • Much more space to cover this year, would need to have people manning stations


  • Maybe have scheduled tours
  • Question from Made in Camp is who is willing to participate this year.
  • Our initial response is that we are in.


  • Tour of the space

Brad Walsh: Learn to solder probably is out Will: Drone tours exist, if we do this from the loading dock we can have a video playing in on the TV on the dock. Dave V: We have time John: Have examples of what can be done in the various areas Tara: Ask members for volunteers, and for items for a 'brag' table. Dave: Consider 3 modes

  1. Loading Dock
  2. Tour (in the space)
  3. We don't do it.

General: Lets move this to a slack thread, or aggregate this in a google dock. TODO: Create a google dock // wiki page to plan these options.

Social Media Accounting & Website Updating

  • What do we have access too?
  • Which ones can be combined? Can we cross post easily?

Paul: Can we consolidate these accounts into BitWarden? Tara:

  • After the accounting, we could discuss what goes on those media accounts
  • Maybe some kind of automation to push out interesting ideas to multiple media accounts

Brad: We need to make our website up to date. Recent picture, recent post,

Dave V: Check how we show up when people google "makerspace"

Tara: Between website & wiki, semi-weekly edit-a-thon. Can we schedule posts?

General Consensus: Dunno.

Tara: Maybe a monthly spotlight on something, and maybe we could make a bulk of these posts, and schedule them to go up as needed.

Dave: Identify old stuff on the website, and make a list of things we can update on the website

Dave: If we had some way to easily aggregate photos, that could be another source of content

Will: The hardest thing to do is have content

Brad: Get wardens to produce content as well, give us pictures, give us info. Have them send the photos to some drive. Make it as easy as possible for people to give us stuff

TODO Make it easy for us to give us content

TODO Make it easy for people to setup events

TODO Figure out what social media accounts exist

TODO Wiki edit-a-thon. Schedule it, assign out pages for people to work on.

Tara: Would rather this be some kind of an event

General: Working on setting up a date for an edit-a-thon, maybe try after a meeting. A hybrid edit-a-thon

TODO Figure out to streamline signing up for the wiki

Paul: Maybe the email notifications are broken, so whoever needs to approve the accounts doesn't know there are pending emails

Tara: Some kind of easy form that people can fill out schedule an event, sends an email to the people who CAN schedule an event, and it gets done.

Anything Else

TODO list

  • Which hive13.org pages need to be updated
  • Consolidate social media onto BitWarden