Outreach Committee Meeting - December 15th, 2021

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Outreach Committee Meetings
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Meeting Info

Wednesday, December 15th · 7:30 – 8:30pm

Google Meet joining info

Video call link: https://meet.google.com/tkp-kgvm-tnw

Or dial: ‪(US) +1 617-675-4444‬ PIN: ‪130 165 105 0696‬#

More phone numbers: https://tel.meet/tkp-kgvm-tnw?pin=1301651050696



Dave Velzy

Lisa Crump

Paul Vincent

John Clark


Heath Blandford

Agenda - Old Business

Narcan Trainings


  • Went well. Wants to make this an annual thing

Dave Velzy:

  • Wants to emphasize the stop the bleed


  • Could incorporate CPR training, maybe contact Hoxworth?

Dave Velzy:

  • Wants to focus on first aid situations that are more likely to happen at the Hive's physical space.



  • Has some participants that are ready
  • Kostas contact info is on the GWC website, which is why they are not promoting it much yet.
  • Wants to get the first cohort through before marketing more via social media

Social media


  • Active on social media
  • Biggest limit is finding content for social media
  • Fun ideas you find, please forward them to Kostas

Currently active on:

  • Instagram, Twitter, Facebook


  • Youtube
    • Interviews with people
    • Stream 2nd tuesday talks?
    • <Discussions about youtube that involve a laptop and streaming and test streaming, kinda hard to hear>
    • Make sure we have stuff setup, and we should do a test stream to get familiar with it.
    • Velzy: Concerns about production quality. We should make sure it is something people want to watch.
    • Kostas: Confident we can make it work. She has done some streaming
    • Kostas: OBS = a 2nd stream they can see, can share their powerpoint and them. WE HAVE THE POWER

"Not Safe For Work" Hive Calendar

  • Kostas: OSHA violation calendar
    • Ex:
      • Holding soldering iron wrong.
      • Improper ladder usage
      • Silly, gooffy, fun stuff along those lines
    • Goal to print in january
  • Heath: Cost?
    • How much do we sell them for?
    • Fund raiser via calendar sales
  • Kostas: Jackson(?) wants to print it at cost
  • Paul: Could use the outreach fund to pay for production costs, and feed proceeds back into the outreach fund for future projects
  • Jackson: Happily handle order & design. Just needs pictures.

Blog Post Planning

  • Kostas:
    • I am the last 6 posts on the blog. Wants more member participation
    • General call out to the crowd to ask for people to do blog posts about recently acquired knowledge
    • Fiber Fridays call out!
  • Lisa: Would like some help making a post, but she is willing to do Fiber Friday posts
  • Kostas: Can only post directly linked images, 'ghost' integration is now
    • *** Talk to IT committee about image issues w/ the 'ghost' integration.

Monthly Open House

  • Kostas: Monthly open houses starting in the new year
    • We should show off
  • Dave V: We have tried to ask people how they found us? Most say they googled for a local makerspace // hackerspace
    • We should continue to follow up with people to find out about us
    • We should then make those ways easier.
  • Kostas: Pick a date
  • Dave V: Maybe after 2nd saturday cleanups
  • Kostas: Jan 8th?
  • General concerns about burning people out on cleaning up instead of having 'fun' things happening when people get here.
  • Cleanup: We need to ensure people actually show up. We need to make an effort to get people here and have things for them to do when they get here.
    • Cleanup is already happening. lets do the open house after wards.
    • Maybe move cleanup a little earlier, 11 am?
  • Dave V: What time would we want to do the open house?
  • Kostas: 1 to 3 pm? start time? Maybe 2-4? That is when we get the most phone calls.
  • Lets tentatively schedule, 8th, from 2 - 5 pm.

Website Stuff

Website is out of date.

  • We don't have all social media listed.
  • Have NSFW calendar photoshoot + Hive photoshoot same day
    • Paul: Have all people sign photo releases when they come in.
  • Dave V: Current privacy policy indicates you can expect to be photographed for publicity, but we will ask you if it is ok. Privacy Policy
    • New membership agreement says that you can expect to be photographed.
    • Updated membership agreement in 2020: We were going to re-issue RFID cards and have members sign the upgraded agreement. Fell flat on its face, when we implemented the system and didn't get everyone to sign.
    • Int-web replacement is going to try to do this all online. And we will have the agreements done online.
  • John Clark: Open // Closed indicator needs to be

Certification Classes

  • We need more classes.
  • Velzy: Doing a vacuum form class for the Naloxone lock boxes.
  • Velzy: Need to make it easier for people to find out how to get into the building. 'Red door in middle of building' could be hard
  • Sandwich board is good. But heavy.


Defer to the New Year in the next meeting. Jan 19th.

Agenda - New business

Cosplay Meetup

  • January 22nd, 1-5 p.m.
  • Led by Dax

Rhinestone Class - 'Getting Stoned' aka 'Over the Rhine - (stoned)'

  • Kostas
  • Jan 15th, 2-4 pm

Tik Tok

  • Drew is our tik tok expert.
  • Consistent...
    • posting. Like Daily.
    • engagement is key.
    • branding
  • Heath is also an expert.
  • Use frisbee round, but we need permission for posting from frisbee round.
  • Lisa: Could you film a bunch Tuesday night, then plan to release them over time.

Old To-Do List

  • Event sign-in sheet with photo consent (Instagram/Twitter information), name, pronouns, etc.
  • Film first YouTube video.
  • Get Not Safe pictures sorted.
  • Schedule open house.
  • ✅Post vote for new committee chair.
  • Contact infrastructure for some updates.
  • ✅Cosplay Meetup post (pre/post-event).
  • ✅Bring up Narcan training in leadership discussion.
  • Reach out more to certification classes.

New To-Do List

  • Ask general membership for Blog posts. We can schedule them. We just need them to write them.
  • IT Committee
    • Blog posts + Ghost + images = 😢 (Please help us make images work)
    • Int web replacement (Wishlist: Could we get digital forms, photo releases)
    • Open // Closed indicator needs new phraseology.
    • TikTok account creation. Credential storage.
  • Add open house to calendar: Jan 8th, 2 - 5 pm.
  • We need a photo release form. Find a generic one online. Print before Jan 8th.
  • General discussion topic: Photo waivers, legality of current membership agreement applied to members who signed old agreement.
  • Promote Cosplay event on Social Media
  • Promote Rhinestone event on social media