Outreach Committee Meeting - January 18th, 2023

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Outreach Committee Meetings
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Meeting Info

Wednesday, January 18th · 7:30 – 8:30pm

Google Meet joining info

Video call link: https://meet.google.com/tkp-kgvm-tnw

Or dial: ‪(US) +1 631-709-2179‬ PIN: ‪684 168 825‬#

More phone numbers: https://tel.meet/tkp-kgvm-tnw?pin=[[1]]


Ryan A., John C., Lisa C., Kostas P., Shawn S.

Checking in on Action Items

  • Kostas
    • Ask Jessica about expectations for the installations for Blink.
    • Look for help with the socials.
    • Email Union Terminal. Mini maker faire here?
    • Email back camp washington print shop with sizing range. Generate order forms for Hive is Real merch.
      • Results: 3/4 done, look into more installation stuff.
  • Lisa: Trial run the Learn to Sew and figure out the feasibility for being run alongside Learn to Solder.
    • Results: Trial runs on Friday, hypothetically feasible.
  • Jack: Continue research into getting the "Hive on demand shop" set up.
    • Results:

New Year, New Business

  • CMC
    • January 21st 1-3pm
    • Learn to solder, learn to sew, glowforge
      • Checking in with volunteers
      • Packing ahead of time: what non-kit stuff do we need?
  • Cincinnati Public Library
    • We will be having a LTS in March for the unveiling of the new Madisonville branch! More info to follow.
  • Merch
    • MTO Site
      • Placeholder
    • Hive is Real
      • Placeholder
  • Outreach opportunities for this year
    • Parades
      • What parades should we look into?
    • Events
      • What events should we participate in?
      • What events do we want to consider hosting?
    • Aiming for Feb-Nov.
    • Who does weird/cool stuff and/or has helpful info


  • Merch stuff in progress (more info next month)
  • Parades:
    • Pride, check in on opening day
  • Events:
    • MiC (maker’s snack hour), possibly pride booth, CINCINNATI COMIC EXPO, Hamilton County Fair
  • Tuesday speakers:
    • Lisa C. - Needlepoint/Glass fusing demo (back pocket)
    • Mac from Cosmic Gorilla
    • Landlord?
    • Amy on toy restoration/art
    • Indigo Hippo team
    • Teachers from The Barn
    • Sign Museum
    • Call to membership

Action Items

Kostas P.: add pride/comic expo to our calendar, look into opening day, look into expo non-profit, call for speakers

Ryan A.: find makerfaires in our area and see if they’re active, look into hamilton county fair, look into Fairfield RC air show

John C.: look into local hamfests

Shawn S.: look into hobby events at lunken