Outreach Committee Meeting - June 22nd, 2022

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Outreach Committee Meetings
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Meeting Info

Wednesday, June 22nd · 7:30 – 8:30pm

Google Meet joining info

Video call link: https://meet.google.com/tkp-kgvm-tnw

Or dial: ‪(US) +1 631-709-2179‬ PIN: ‪684 168 825‬#

More phone numbers: https://tel.meet/tkp-kgvm-tnw?pin=[[1]]


Agenda - Old Business

  • Tuesday Talks Scheduling
    • ok i am sweating this where did time go - Kostas P.
      • Searching for July-Sept talks
          • We would love to generate hype for our speakers and let people know who is a part of the Hive or who we're buddies with
          • PLEASE SEND KOSTAS P.:
            • Your speaker's photo (or photo of their work)
            • A bio of your speaker
            • Links to where to find your speaker/their work
      • Carpooling here at the Hive at 9am!
      • [cue parade details from Kostas P.]
  • BLINK installation
    • We didn't get in but that's okay, we have two years to plan and build up a public resume of installations and appearances to get people interested and excited!
    • Thanks to Ryan A. and Will B. for driving this
  • Honeycombs
    • Kayla L. will be reshooting with Lisa C.!
    • Building up a catalogue is more important right now than getting stuff out bam bam bam
  • New Members
    • Jackson B. wants YOU to be a mentor!
      • This is a low stress way to support new members and continue to develop a welcoming culture around the Hive.
      • So please sign up kthx
  • WCPO filming went well!
    • Thanks to everyone who showed up for filming and Jax for making that connection as well.
  • T-shirts are DONE
    • Learned a lot from the process, like Jim D. has SICK spreadsheet skills.
    • Thanks to Aaron, Collin, and the whole DIY Printing team!
    • Kostas P. has been busy and will get bags started before next outreach meeting
    • Make like 10 as a test run?
      • Sticker on bag saying "welcome to Hive13"
      • day-week-month-year guide (crowd written on google docs)
      • map of trash, elevators, rules, yadda yadda
      • little kit/sticker
      • leadership contact info (like above the printers)
      • a goofy hive joke sticker?
        • "did you remember your fob?"
        • "it's 10pm, do you know where the alarms are active?"
    • Noooot super pressing but would like to address this more on Slack.

Agenda - New business

  • Made in Camp is a go for this year!
    • Dave V. and Kate C. went to the interest meeting and highlighted some of our concerns and questions
      • Last year was... chaotic?
      • Lack of communication/prep materials
      • No media kit
    • BUT this year we know what to expect and have some ideas to make the Hive not only ✨interesting✨ but accessible!
      • Incorporating the lot
      • Asking other groups in 2701 if they want to be a part of it?
      • Ideas?
        • Kostas P.
          • Build a mini skate park (little ramps and boxes)
          • Have a table with chalk, business cards, stickers
        • [more ideas here]
  • BLINK parade??
    • submission guidelines here
    • 'Together: a constellation of shared cultures and unique identities; we illuminate joy through creative expression'
      • this theme was MADE for us!! we are uniquely united as makers of different forms, but we make. that's what we do.
      • Neighborhood Activations: The Parade celebration will kick-off the month leading up to BLINK with a "torch passing" ceremony between Cincinnati & NKY neighborhoods! We want the Parade to represent all of our communities, and are excited to spread BLINK throughout our City and Region! Please let us know if you are interested in participating! More details to come. Finale & Culminating Event: This year, the Parade will culminate at a special location (to be announced) for a finale performance and lighting ritual to formally kick off the BLINK weekend! Individuals and Groups will have the opportunity to indicate interest to participate in this closing event (limited performance spaces available).
    • deadline if we want funding: August 19th
    • without funding: September 2nd


New To-Do List