Outreach Committee Meeting - March 16th, 2022

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Outreach Committee Meetings
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Meeting Info

Wednesday, March 16th · 7:30 – 8:30pm

Google Meet joining info

Video call link: https://meet.google.com/tkp-kgvm-tnw

Or dial: ‪(US) +1 617-675-4444‬ PIN: ‪130 165 105 0696‬#

More phone numbers: https://tel.meet/tkp-kgvm-tnw?pin=[[1]]



  • Kostas
  • Lisa
  • John Clark
  • Kayla
  • Ryan Anderson
  • Jackson
  • Paul
  • Chris Davis
  • Will Bauer

Agenda - Old Business

    • We are running out of pre-scheduled talks. This is anxiety inducing.
      • GOT THIS SORTED PRIOR TO MEETING! Leaving up for documentation and letting people know what we have coming up. Thanks everyone!
        • April and May are taken care of. Possible June speaker?
          • April: Thompson Enamles
          • May: Callie Wright (Queersplaining)
          • June: INDIGO HIPPO???? (hi Kayla)
          • June-Sept: Cyrina Thomas
          • October: Kostas on embalming
    • Please please please message Kostas (if they’re not the contact) with speaker’s links, bio, and a photo of them or their work and if they want them to be on Hive social media or just the blog.
    • Unconventional topics!
      • Everyone is a maker, but what do they want to talk about making?
    • We can brainstorm this now OR do it on Slack. (max like 10 min pls)
    • Orders
      • Getting taxes sorted as well as collection methods
        • Looking at Chris D. and Jim (hi)
      • How much extras do we want of the logo shirts?
        • Kostas’ thoughts: check average membership gain over the next 3 months and aim a little extra from S-XL in black (safe color)
      • Logos close March 18th (reopen in August?)
    • Film with Kate C. soon!
    • Regular filming dates or schedule?
    • We need a catalogue
    • We have submitted for Pride!
      • Pride13 stickers?
      • Cohesive accessory or theme to tie us all together and celebrate!
        • Keep this in your minds, April-June will be when we get heavily planning
        • Go-Car is functional, save for battery system and body flair. Proposing purchasing off the self batteries for getting the Go-Car fully functional (approx $200), then getting a group of people together to finalize body construction. -WB
    • BLINK
      • Basically our Superbowl
      • Applications usually begin April/May
      • Any friends? Connections?
        • Kostas has a winning proposal on hand for example
      • If applications open prior to April meeting, Kostas WILL have a BLINK meeting to begin our application and nail down our presentations
        • working on testing and prototyping a collapsible 8x8x8 large LED cube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNqzkDugvSw for reference. But bigger, modular, and cleaner. -WB

Agenda - New business

  • Honesty hour, less pressed about this stuff than old business
    • What do we put in them?
      • Safety goggles, stickers, guides, etc. what do we need
    • Tie in our first day - week - month guides
      • Have info for all wardens and link to their area's wiki page.
    • Get people engaged from the getgo so they don’t feel isolated or lost
    • Name tag goal? FOR EVERYONE
    • POSSIBLE first question right out the gate: what do you want to learn?
  • Hive ✨gala✨ (show and tell night with food)
    • Frisbee rounds are great but not a lot of room to like discuss stuff and really celebrate stuff we make
    • Twice a year (Winter/Summer)
    • Doesn’t need to be fancy but def a time for the Hive to come together and party party
    • Themes?
      • Kostas is hesitant because we don’t want it to feel super prom-y but also a special occasion
    • Pizza money from Outreach Account (so sayeth Outreach Despot (Kostas))



  • Please help me. Please volunteer. Please participate

Tuesdays Talks:

  • We are doing great!
  • April: Thompson Enamles
  • May: Callie Wright (Queersplaining)
    • Podcast hosts
  • June: INDIGO HIPPO???? (hi Kayla)
    • Pay what you can
    • Has a price range for their stuff
    • Features local artists, they are a non-profit
  • June-Sept: Cyrina Thomas (Precious Plastics)
    • Nifty recycling
    • Reuse old stuff
  • October: Kostas on embalming
  • Will Bauer
    • Tigerlily Press (Printmaking studio)
  • Kostas:
    • Please message them with contact so they can post the info on social media & the blog
    • Recording tuesday talks? We need to rebuild the streaming cart. Missing the camera
    • Weird niche art, contraptions, and tools. What do they want to talk about making?
    • Lets keep this conversation going on Slack.
  • Lisa:
    • We have a good backlog
  • Kayla:
    • Lisa & Jackson is willing to do a 'how to play cribbage'
    • Emergency backup
  • Kostas:
    • listed here on the agenda
    • There is a spreadsheet as a pinned message on the outreach channel.
  • Kayla:
    • Check the slideshow as well


  • We are closing the logos on the 18th.
  • Trying to decide how many extra shirts to buy
  • Blink:
    • Stay tuned.
  • Will: Use the pre-orders, double the existing shirts for each sizes
  • ~$7000 in the bank for the outreach account
  • Will be the tricolor logo
  • TODO: Send out reminder email


  • TODO: Need filming dates
  • TODO: Need to schedule interviews
  • Kayla: Length?
    • Kostas: 10 minutes
  • Kostas:
    • Peek into the hive, don't show everything, just enough to make people curious
  • TODO: Set up the streaming cart & train people on the cart.
  • Kostas:
    • create a schedule and stick too it.
    • If we want people to follow us & find out about us, we need to have meaningful content that is regularly posted
    • Tell people who we are
  • Will:
    • What do we need to make that start?
    • Streaming Cart done
    • Ask hive members what they are willing to talk about.
      • Like tuesday talks, but more interview format. Same three opening questions. Low pressure
      • Same opening to everyone, then focus in on specific topics
    • List of people that are trained on the cart
    • List of people that will be the interviewer
    • Person(s) to be lighting & sound (aka, the videographer) to make it professional
    • Draft up a photo release "Do you understand this is going to be used XYZ"




  • TODO: Hive13 stickers
    • Kayla was working on it
      • Downloaded Terminator font from 'Dafont', it is on art wiki page
      • Honeycomb, spelling pride - 1 - 3
    • Kostas:
      • Can we see your concept by the end of the week?
      • Kayla - Yes
  • Wants a theme:
    • Don't want a corporate boring everyone looks the same feel.
    • Lisa:
      • Rainbow fabric, bright green fabric, hidden greenscreen cape thing. Flair cape to have a greenscreen
  • We are a walking entry
  • $50 for our entry, want to get our moneys worth
  • Want to represent we are not just makerspace cave dwellers
  • Go cart will need to be for next year, we are registered as 'Walking' and we can't change our entry. Would need to pay $200 to re-register
    • Kostas: We should trick it out for next year
      • Price out what we need to do for it, we can fund it via the Outreach account.
    • Will: Funding this year? (Need batteries)
    • Kostas: Maybe? Depends on how tee-shirts go & how much it will cost, could we get price estimates?
      • Need specifics for cost

Kid projects

We should start planning small, plug & play slap together kid projects.


Kostas: Basically our super-bowl

TODO: Schedule a meeting to discuss plans in more detail & gameplan

Kostas: We have a previous winning application we can use as a guideline

Kostas: We can make something even more cool than what they did for roller girls

Kostas: Wants other people to dedicate a real time commitment to this.

There is both an option for 'Parade' entry & exhibit


  • Light up bees with El-wire on sticks for the parade.

Blink lets you propose a budget, and they will give you a grant for some of it

Kostas is super pumped about this.

New member kits & Onboarding

First day // week guides

  • New member feedback: So excited to join, feel a bit alone & lost. Like showing up to a party where you don't know anyone.
  • TODO: Wiki page to track this


  • Mentoring or buddy system? You have an assigned buddy, you have someone to ask questions, go ask Jackson. For the first three months you have an assigned Hive member that is your resource


  • Need to find people who are excited & interested in doing it.
  • Set clear expectations for the mentors
  • Need to do more planning on this, would be a good idea.


  • Volunteer to be the new member welcome-r
  • Will help Kostas with Wiki page work

New member kits:

What do we put in them?

  • Safety goggles
    • We have done it in the past, but we we failed to maintain it. It worked in the past.
  • Stickers
    • We can make them on the Cameo
  • The Learn to Solder Kit?
    • We have the kits
  • Cross stitch kits?
    • Lisa has made kits before
  • Look at each region of the Hive, and see what kits we can make for each area?
  • Cute laser cut hive thing, like the Hive13 logo
  • CNC Router, maybe cut out a bunch of small trinkets
  • TODO: Do we have a lot of black plastic? Laser project
    • Black square coaster, "Good for 1 free laser training" also has logo


  • Wiki page
  • Member kits
  • Who wants to be mentors

TODO: Plan a mass training day, where we try to knock out a number of commonly requested, quick certifications all on one day

Hive Gala

  • Show & Tell for projects you are proud of.
  • Have tables with the fun things, and wander around and chat.
  • Maybe twice a year (Original idea was the solstices, but that is way to close to christmas)
  • Paul: Open House?
  • Kostas: More of an internal thing, want it to be mostly a way for members to chat with each other.
  • Kostas: Do we want a theme?
  • Lisa:
    • Spring & Fall equinox
    • Just as a guide for when to do it
  • John:
    • Lets just do one, and figure out what we need from that
  • Will:
    • We used to do social nights where it was just "lets go hang out at the Hive this night"
  • Kostas:
    • Doesn't want it to be a big thing
  • Multiple:
    • Kitchen being done is a big lead in for this. We used to do potlucks

New To-Do List

Find our todo list here!