Outreach Committee Meeting - March 16th, 2022 TODOS

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Tuesday Talks:

Scheduled through May

Kayla working on June – Indigo Hippo – NOT FINALIZED YET

On Deck:              Cyrina Thomas (Precious Plastics) – Need Someone to confirm and finalize Kostas confirmed her for June.

                       Tigerlily Press – WillB reaching out again to finalize

                       Kostas on Enbalming – Kostas will Finalize at the end of summer



Deadline for orders: SOON!

Need to email ASAP!

Decide on additional Shirt orders – Double Existing shirt order to have Stock? Maybe add only Black Logo Tee for spare stock simplicity? Maybe Half of preorders as additional stock?



10 minute interviews with Hive members about stuff and or things.


Pride Parade:

Walking entry: minimal bikes, scooters allowed but walking and roller skating encouraged.


  • KAYLA – Working on Stickers
  • LISA – Working on GreenScreen Cape idea
  • EVERYONE – Talk about a theme.
  • EVERYONE — Coordinate who will be our “shuttle” since the official Pride shuttles have not always been reliable.


ANYONE - Schedule Blink meeting to discuss ideas.

New Member Kits

ANYONE - Setup Wiki Page

ANYONE - Update wiki page with stuff????

ANYONE - create Signups for new members

WILL - work with Wardens to Schedule Massive Training day, FAQ Day?


Getting Maintracked by Work. Posting this but will finish up later tonight.