Outreach Committee Meeting - October 20th, 2021

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Outreach Committee Meetings
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Meeting Info

Wednesday, October 20 · 7:30 – 9:00pm

Google Meet joining info

Video call link: https://meet.google.com/tkp-kgvm-tnw

Or dial: ‪(US) +1 617-675-4444‬ PIN: ‪130 165 105 0696‬#

More phone numbers: https://tel.meet/tkp-kgvm-tnw?pin=1301651050696


  • John Clark
  • Will Bauer
  • Kostas
  • Paul
  • Marilyn Clark

Agenda - Old Business

Made in Camp Recap

How did it go? What went well? What could we do better?

What was attendance like?

  • Kostas
    • Most didn't show up until about 4, since we were near the end of the round
    • 3 new members
    • We are a bit off the route
  • Learn to Solder w/ Brad went well
  • Light attendance, Dave V. was a bit disappointed in that.
  • Sign on the door, and a person who answered the phone
  • Next year:
    • We could try a bit more advertising ourselves around the event
    • Better signage? Talk to Wavepool about that
    • Maybe get some kind of promotional images.
    • Maybe something outside (Learn to solder station outside, utilize the loading dock, Will wants to 'Run the Poofer')

New Member Orientation


  • Continue to flesh out the orientation handout, fill in each sub-heading with the relevant info.
  • Put it in a formatted document

Tour Guide Recruitment

  • We have a bulleted list of tour topics on the New Member Orientation page
  • I am assuming we still need to recruit tour guides, we consider making an announcement at a regular meeting.

Wiki Hackathon

2nd Tuesday Speakers

  • Brad & his boss Ben did a talk.
  • November speaker?
  • Kostas:
    • Make Do in Pleasant Ridge, maybe have the owner to do a talk about her store & knitting & textile arts
    • Is this a compensated event for the speaker?
      • Paul: Historically this has been a volunteer event // unpaid.


Social Media account update

  • Kostas:
    • Taken over
      • Instagram
      • Facebook
      • Twitter
    • We have:
      • Youtube - a few ideas
        • 5 minute short, interview, area of expertise
      • Reddit
    • They need more content for the social media accounts.
  • John Clark - Brads drone flythrough
    • Maybe we can ask him to do another flythrough?
    • Update the header image

Blog Post Planning

  • TODO: Plan more blog posts
    • Ideas:
      • Kostas: Made in Camp recap
      • Will will ask Lisa: Needlecraft night
  • TODO: We could use a Photo disclosure form to go w/ the social media
    • Find a boilerplate one online, include it as part of new-member sign on, put it on the list of things we probably should ask existing members to sign, like the updated liability waiver

Agenda - New business


Gonna guess the 'task list' for this is going to look like:

  1. Agree on a design
    • Solicit membership for designs.
    • Paul will make a post in #discussion asking for shirt ideas. Use Will's fantastic design as motivation.
  2. Poll current membership for pre-orders // sizing
  3. Find a manufacturer. Our AC Fund shirts were made by Aaron Kent at DIY Printing
  4. Determine # of each size, and propose a vote to purchase the shirts
  5. Order the shirts

  • We should always have shirts on hand, if we run low on sizes we immediately order more
  • Maybe use shirts as rewards:
    • You volunteered!
    • You did something awesome!
    • We could run contests
  • AC shirts were about $8 / shirt
    • We could sell for $10 - $12
  • Jim wants us to use the Outreach fund to create things like this.
  • It is marketing. So even if we 'lose' money on the shirts, we can count it as a marketing expense.
  • It looks good at events when we are all wearing Hive shirts. It was nice @ made in camp that we were all wearing Hive shirts.


  • Paul is going to make a post in the discussion channel asking for design ideas.
    • Set a deadline ideas.
  • Hopefully review designs next Outreach meeting.


  • Coy has offered to make signs for us at no charge. Actually he has been bugging us for months to let him do this.
    • He is in the process of making a better sign for the 3rd floor landing.
    • Possible sign for outside, street door. We need to re-verify approval from landlord.
    • Others?
  • John Clark:
    • Coy has been pestering us about signs
    • We are going to put a more appropriate sign on the landing
    • Dave V. & John Clark want to confirm that a street level sign is ok.
    • Don't want to offend the landlord & other tenants.
  • Kostas: Sign might be in the lease agreement?
  • John Clark:
    • Lease is on the wiki, things were verbally agreed, but not in the lease
    • In the past he has followed through on verbal agreements
    • Finishing the bathroom still hasn't happened
    • Other signs?
      • List of donors for the AC fund
      • Better signage around the hive

Wall of Fail

Maybe look into bringing back the Wall of Fail, and maybe pair it with a Brag Shelf. A place where you could show off interesting failures and a close shelf where you could show your successes.