Outreach Committee Meeting - September 15th, 2021

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Outreach Committee Meetings
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  • Tara
  • John Clark
  • Paul
  • Will Bauer
  • Kostas


Made in Camp

3 weeks from this saturday

  • Tour of the space, maybe with limited groups (5 // 10)
  • Ask members for volunteers
  • Brag tables
  • Tara:
    • Post on the mailing list // Announcements
  • How to get people into the building?
    • Phone on door?
      • Probably less traffic
    • Prop door? Probably not ideal for other renters of the building
    • 1 person downstairs?
  • How long is the event?
    • 12 pm - 4 pm
  • How many volunteers?
    • 3 minimum, rotate person at the door with people upstairs

TODO Tasks:

  • Make announcements
    • Mailing List // Slack
    • Ask for volunteers
    • Ask for finished projects for a 'brag' table
  • Put it on the calendar

New Member Orientation

Orientation power point exists?

Monthly orientation

  • Possibly try to roll it into the monthly cleanup?
  • There is some synergy


  • Is this different from the sign up orientation?


  • This could be more thorough.


  • Handouts have been a 'priority' for about 5 years, yet has not gotten done

TODO Tasks:

  1. Orientation Handout
  2. Orientation in depth event (monthly)

More members involved in the tour process

  • Currently Dave V & Tara
  • Maybe a short event to teach other people
  • Bullet point list?


  • Write up a bullet point list for what to cover with a tour
  • Teaching members how to give tours


We talked about what we want to put on the website. Maybe plan the weekly posts during this meeting.

During last meeting we figured out a months worth of posts. Scheduled them to go up with volunteers writing the posts.


  • Fewer members to volunteer if we only do it during these meetings


  • We looked at the calendar, planned out 1-a-week posts


  • We will circle back and do this at the end of the meeting.

2nd Tuesday Speakers


  • Asking for a virtual presentation from a friend w/ CAD & cosplay prop design


  • Check the #outreach slack channel

Update on social media

John Clark

  • Accounts & Passwords are in bitwarden?


  • Ask Drew about social media accounts in bitwarden

Plan posts for Hive13.org

  • Sept 28, 2021
    • Updates to the Hive
  • October 5, 2021
    • LGBT History Month - Post highlighting LGBT creators
  • October 12
    • Made in Camp
  • October 19
    • Lisa - Pictures of needlecraft night