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Lets make the Hive pretty and add art to the pillars!

Ward/ Signature Pillar

There are a number of reserved pillars for Ward specific themes and one for member signatures. These pillars are prominent in their ward and are to be decorated with something ward related, like yarn bombing the craft/sewing pillar.

If interested in decorating a ward pillar, create your design, submit it on the Paint a Pillar Slack channel and then allow anyone else who wishes wants to enter their design for that column has two weeks to submit their design before a vote will be held. Wardens have a veto power to say that the design doesn’t represent the ward. In which case, the artist can sign up for a different pillar if they still wish to use their design.

Free Pillars

Free pillars can be reserved and painted at any time so long as three other members approve of the design. Please be courteous of your fellow makers and only have one pillar reserved at a time.


These should be concrete and explainable to others so they have an idea of what you are thinking about. This could be as simple as saying I want to single crochet all the way around a column using yarn from the donation bin or as detailed as drawings of what you want to put up on the column.

Other Notes

Supplies are not guaranteed. If there are donations, artists are free to use them.

Remember that what is on our walls is a representation of our space that everyone can see. Please make sure that your artwork is appropriate. If in doubt, please ask for a second opinion.


This is simply the initial move in layout with some layers turned off. Sorry for the blurriness. Trying to figure out how to fix...


Below is the list of all pillars and whether they are Ward or Free. Pillars that have a wall going through them are split into sections based on the direction it faces. Note that North is the long side of the building on the side of the parking lot.

Column Column type:

Ward/ Free

Artist Pillar Requested


Work Started:


Pillar Completed


A4 Free
A5 Free
A6 Free
B1 Free
B2N Free
B2S Free
B3 Free
B4 Free
B5 Signatures
B6 Free
C1E Free
C1W Free
C2NE Free
C2NW Free
C2S Free
C3 Ward- Craft/Sewing Pamela Taylor 11/17/2020 No
C4 Free
C5 Ward- Kitchen
C6 Free
D1E Free
D1W Free
D2NE Free
D2SE Free
D2W Free
D3 Free
D4 Free
D5 Free
E1E Free
E1W Free
E2E Ward- Electronics
E2W Free
E3 Free
E4 Ward- Glass
E5E Free
E5W Free
F1 Free
F2 Ward- Metal Working
F3 Free
F4 Ward- Laser
F5E Free
F5W Free
G1E Free
G1W Free
G2NE Free
G2SE Free
G2W Free
G3NW Free
G3SE Free
G4 Ward- Machining
G5E Free
G5W Free
H1 Free
H2 Ward- Woodworking
H3N Free
H3S Free
H4 Free
H5 Free
I1E Free
I1W Free
I2E Free
I2W Free
I3NE Free
I3SW Free
I4 Free
I5 Free