Paragon SC-2 Silver & Glass Kiln

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Owner/Loaner: Hive13
Hive13 Asset Tag: HV0060
Make/Model: Paragon SC-2 Silver & Glass Kiln (google)
Arrival Date: December 2019
Does it work?: yes
Certification Needed?: yes
Contact: Kevin M
Floorplan: Hot Crafts Area
Manual: Manual

About this Item

Kiln Manual
Controller Manual
Manufacturer's Website

Starting A Program

  1. Check if it is on already and if it is in a cycle. If cycling, let it finish. DO NOT OPEN THE ANNEALER IF IT IS CYCLING, ANNEALING GLASS. Opening the annealer at any time it is not holding the loading temperature for loading or cooled to below 200F will cause the glass in it to crack. If off, or cycle is complete and temperature has reached under 200F, empty the annealer of any annealed pieces.
  2. If off, flip switch up to turn on. wait for the temperature controller to boot up and the display to reach a stable rotation of information. If it says anything other than Idle/<Current Temp>, press the Start/Stop/Enter/Program button till it says Idle/<Current Temp>.
  3. Press the Start/Stop/Enter/Program button to enter the program list.
  4. Press Up Arrow/Higher button to scroll through the available programs till the display says the program you want. Only the up arrow may be used to scroll through the list, if you go past the program you need, just keep scrolling up till it comes back around.
    1. PR01 is programmed for Garaging and Annealing Soft Glass
    2. PR02 is programmed for Garaging and Annealing Borosilicate Glass
    3. PR03 is programmed for Lost Wax Burnout
  5. Once the desired program is located, press the Down Arrow/Lower/Delay/Review button to enter the "Review" mode for that program. The "Review" light will turn on, and the screen will begin cycling through the steps of the program.
  6. Press the Start/Stop/Enter/Program button to start the program.
  7. The display should show “-ON-” and the run light should start blinking (if not, Press the Start/Stop/Enter/Program button again). In a few moments the red light below the controller should turn on indicating the annealer is heating.
  8. While running, the display will indicate the current temperature of the annealer. Do not load any glass in the annealer until it reaches at least 925F. Loading glass in the annealer at less than 925F can cause it to crack.

Starting Annealing For Glass Programs

When you are done making and loading glass pieces, and ready for the annealing to begin, you must skip the infinite hold that is programmed in for garaging/loading.

  1. Press the Up Arrow/Higher button till the "SStp" (Skip Step) option appears on the screen.
  2. Press the Start/Stop/Enter button to select the "SStp" (Skip Step) option.
  3. The screen will display "Hld1", press the Start/Stop/Enter button to confirm you want to skip step Hold 1
  4. The screen should now no longer be flashing between a temperature and "99:59" as it was during the infinite hold garaging step, instead it will display the temperature and begin to ramp up the temperature to the annealing temperature. Once the annealing temperature is reached, it will begin to flash between the current temp and the remaining hold time (starts at 1 hours and counts down).
  5. The full annealing cycle takes between 2 and 3 hours to run, and then an additional 2-3 hours for the kiln to cool to unloading temperature (below 200f). Do not open the kiln till it reaches unloading temperature (below 200f).


PR01 - Soft Glass up to 1" thick

Step Ramp (°F/Hr) Temp (°F) Time (HH:MM)
1 FULL 950 99:59
2 400 970 1:00
3 374 860 0:20
4 364 700 0:00
5 0 0 0:00

PR02 - Boro Glass up to 1" Thick

Step Ramp (°F/Hr) Temp (°F) Time (HH:MM)
1 FULL 1030 99:59
2 400 1060 0:20
3 374 950 0:20
4 364 700 0:00
5 0 0 0:00

PR03 - Lost Wax Casting Burnout

This is an 8 hour burnout cycle for lost wax casting using the manufacturer's recommended cycle for Ransom & Randolph AMERICAST INVESTMENT , with the final hold temp (flask temp) set to 1050F.

Lost Wax Burnout
Step Ramp (°F/Hr) Temp (°F) Time (HH:MM)
1 FULL 300 2:00
2 FULL 700 2:00
3 FULL 1350 3:00
4 FULL 1050 99:59
5 0 0 0:00

PR04 - Unused

This is a user-defined program that has not yet been set for a specific purpose.


200°F/Hr ramp to specified temperature and held for a specified time.


500°F/Hr ramp to specified temperature and held for a specified time.


1000°F/Hr ramp to specified temperature and held for a specified time.


1500°F/Hr ramp to specified temperature and held for a specified time.


Full power ramp to specified temperature and held for a specified time. SPD5 is useful for enameling: run with temp set to 1450°F, hold set to 99:59 (forever).

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