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The Parking Tag System is a method for communicating what items in the hive belong to who, what may be done with things that are sitting around, and sorting active projects from abandoned messes. The system is comprised of 4 temporary tags <coming soon> and (semi)permanent Hive13 Asset tags <end coming soon>. The 4 temporary tags are the:

  • Parking Permit,
  • Parking Ticket,
  • Up For Grabs, and
  • Damaged or Broken tags.

The purpose of the tags is to be able to quickly identify the status of any item in the hive. <coming soon> All items intended to stay in the hive for public use shall have a Hive13 Asset tag <end coming soon>, all items that are up for grabs or intended for donation shall have an Up For Grabs tag, and all active projects and personal property not in a storage space shall have a Parking Permit tag.

Any item found in the hive outside of a member storage space which does not have one of the above tags (or an expired or incomplete tag) shall be given a Parking Ticket tag to identify when it was found, if it was in the way, and to initiate a correction process.

Up For Grabs tags shall be affixed to any and all items in the hive which are either available for members to take or use at will, or are intended for donation to Hive13. The Up For Grabs tags contain checkboxes to identify if the item is intended for any individual member, group projects, or to become a Hive13 Asset.

Any item in the hive which is damaged, broken, or otherwise unsafe or unfit for use, shall be tagged with a Broken or Damaged tag. The Broken or Damaged tags be be used in conjunction with any of the other tags to identify ownership status as well as the condition of the item.


Hive13 Owned & Loaned Assets

<Coming Soon> All tools, machines, and equipment which are either Hive13 owned or are on long-term loan from a member shall be tagged with a Hive13 Asset tag to identify it's status. The asset tags assign the item a unique asset number as well as contain a URL and QR Code which link and redirect to that item's page on our wiki. All asset tagged items must have a wiki page which identifies the tool and document's it's owner. <end coming soon> Temporary procedure for asset tags:

  1. There is a roll of pre-printed tags by the admin computer, grab one, stick it on the thing
  2. and email john the number and what it's on.
  3. create the wiki page that is on the tag and in the QR code, with the format shown here:
  4. Create the equipment page for the item, using this template:

Member's Items and Projects

For all other items brought into Hive13, whether member owned or items for donation, shall either be stored in the member's personal storage space, or be tagged with one of the Parking System Tags. This includes personal tools, materials, projects, donations, or scrap items for sharing with other members.

The Parking Tag system is designed to give members sufficient time to reclaim abandoned, forgotten, or lost items before they are removed from the hive. Parking Permits expire every 14 days, if not renewed, the item will be tagged with a Parking Ticket tag. Parking Ticket tags give the owner 14 days to correct the violation and renew a Parking Permit tag on the item. In the event that an item remains in violation for 14 days, the Parking Ticket tag is then replaced with an Up For Grabs tag indicating the item available to all members to use/take as they see fit. Any item left up for grabs for more than 7 Days is eligible for immediate disposal.

It is very important that the temporary tags are filled out completely, either by the person who is leaving the item or by the person who finds the condition warranting the tag.

All items tagged and all changes of tags shall be posted to either an appropriate channel in Slack (#discussion is always safe when in doubt) or to the Mailing List. Any item tagged, but not posted is in violation and may be tagged with a Parking Ticket.

NEVER forward-date a Parking Permit. if you know an item/project will be in Hive13 for more than two weeks, that is ok! However, you MUST either work on the project at least once every two weeks and renew the date on the tag at that time, or, if you have a situation arise where you cannot make it in yourself, you must make arrangements for another member to renew your Parking Permit. If it isn't worth your effort to keep up on the Parking Permit, it's not worth taking up space in Hive13 that other people could be using. If you get caught forward-dating a Parking Permit, it is cause for the Parking Permit to immediately be replaced with an Up For Grabs tag.


Hive13 Asset Tag

<coming soon> image of asset tag link to templates for making more <end coming soon>

Parking Permit

Parking Permits are printed on green paper



Parking Ticket

Parking Tickets are printed on yellow paper



Up For Grabs

Up For Grabs tags are printed on blue paper



Broken or Damaged

Broken or Damaged tags are printed on red or orange paper


Editable Damaged Or Broken Tag File

Credit Where It's Due

A big thanks to Hack.RVA Makerspace, We shamelessly stole this system and the tag design from them, after receiving positive testimonials of how well the system worked there.