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This is the wiki page for a project TP is thinking about.


I was thinking that there could be a better way for blogging about projects on the Hive13 site, but I think we would need a specialized sort of blog system. That is, I'm not sure a Wiki or a WordPress site is the best solution. So, I am going to try brainstorming ideas for a Hackerspace-type group project system. I am SURE there is plenty of 'project management' type crap out there already, but I love re-inventing wheels anyway, and I don't think there is anything aimed directly at me trying to blog about my hackerspace shit, so I'ma make summin'.

Most likely to be written in PHP.

WARNING: I like the way I write PHP. I do not want to hear about some new framework you came across. I know how to program, and I don't like being put in someone else's box. I think people that go on about frameworks are lost in the woods. Call me whatever you'd like, but I prefer to build my own new framework for each project (there aren't many, and I'm getting better at it all the time). It gives me a chance to play. If you don't like my coding style, don't read my code.

Current Status - Planned

This project is currently in the very early planning stage.

Work Log

Current Issues

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Next Steps

  • Figure out next step