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This page is intended to set some guidelines for people managing projects within the space, to help them make the most out of the resources we have available. This will help members get their projects off the ground and organized in a quicker fashion as well as help establish a stream of project updates and blog posts which we can use to promote the Hive as a whole.

Page Status

This page is an early rough draft. At this point it's intended to be crowdsourced into a useful shape.

Project Establishment

Create Wiki Page

One of the first steps in setting up your project is to establish your Wiki page. Use Project Template as your starting point, and see Bioreactor for an example of a project page based on this template. Note that the page is added to several categories including "Category:ActiveProjects" and "Category:Projects". This lets people see your project in a list of the respective categories, which makes it easier for people to find your project and offer their help or just look at the cool stuff you're doing.

Announce to the Mailing List

Project Updates

Wiki Updates

The project Wiki page should be added to on a more or less constant basis, after work has been done on the project. Be as descriptive as possible - with pictures if possible. Keep in mind your work and your updates may be followed by many people outside the Hive.

Wordpress Articles

Try to plan ahead what your significant milestones will be while you are working on your project, and write and submit Wordpress articles for use on the front page when you hit them. Make them simple but interesting, and make sure you include pictures of your progress.

Project Completion

Edit Wiki Page

When the project has reached a complete stage, or will not be worked on any longer, you should edit your project's Wiki page to move it from Category:ActiveProjects into Category:CompletedProjects. This lets people know there is no more work to be done and the page serves as an archive of what you did on the project. Make sure your list of Contributors is up to date and remove the Project Needs section, if any exists.