Prolight1000 machining center

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Owner/Loaner: Brad Walsh
Hive13 Asset Tag: TBD
Make/Model: ProLight 1000 CNC (google)
Arrival Date: soon
Does it work?: maybe
Certification Needed?: yes
Contact: Brad Walsh
Floorplan: Machine Shop

File:ProLIGHT 1000 WIN Manual.pdf This is a starting page for the newly purchased CNC machining centers we have bought.

Pic of similar machine

They appear to be from Intelitek, Prolight 1000 CNC machining center.

We bought them from a person that got them at an auction and then sold them to us.

We have to do a deep dive into their condition and functionality.

It appears that the control system requires a Windows 95 machine (whee), we may do a controller transplant that supports modern software.



  1. Verify smooth operation of all axis (ways, screws, etc.)
  2. Check condition of leadscrews (wear)
  3. Check condition of spindle (rotation, runout)
  4. Check condition of drawbar (automatic?)
  5. Verify any collets
  6. Indicate slop in table and tram the spindle


  1. Check all wiring condition
  2. Check condition of all limit switches (verify)
  3. Verify all motors operation (steppers, spindle)


  1. Check operation of controller
  2. Investigate into possible controller upgrade