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If you want to get involved with propaganda or just submit art concepts/ideas send to the propaganda mailing list:

List of current Propagandists

  • Craig
  • Remy
  • Matt
  • ChrisA
  • JasonC
  • JohnM
  • NathanC
  • ChrisH




Phase 1 (word of mouth)

People are telling their friends and finding folks that are likely to be interested.

Phase 2 (intarwebz)

In this phase there shall be much blogging and tweeting.

Phase 2.5 (diplomacy)

This is the phase we should be in now. In this phase we spend time cultivating relationships with other like-minded clubs and organizations in the area.

Phase 3 (the press)

In this phase we will sent out blurbs or press releases or something to real new organizations, magazines, etc.


  • If we get mentioned somewhere in the press or in a high profile blog, log it here.

Community Outreach / Public Realtions


Press Blurbs

5 seconds

30 seconds

1-2 minutes


Groups we should maybe make friends with