Rules of the Space

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When you're leaving

  1. Follow the Shutdown Procedures.

The Fridge

  • If you don't want someone to eat or throw away your food or drinks, label it clearly. There is a label maker in the drawer.
  • (rules on vending drinks, hackerspaces:The Club Mate Pattern)


  • Junk Rules
  • Pick up trash laying around. Be careful though if you are not sure whether something is trash.
  • If the trash cans are full take the trash out, especially if there is food in there.
  • Trash can be taken to our dumpster out back. Recyclables can be put in the recycle bins in the hallway.


  • Members are not to park in the "loading dock" area in back.
  • Street parking is generally free and available in front of the building on Spring Grove Ave.
  • We are also allowed to park in the parking lot at the south end of the building.
  • The gravel area immediately next to the north entrance might be permissible for parking, we need to ask the landlords.