Sandblasting Cabinet

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Sand blasting cabinet.jpg
Owner/Loaner: User:Paul
Make/Model: Sandblasting Cabinet Harbor Freight (google)
Arrival Date: 08/2012
Does it work?: yes
Certification Needed?: no
Contact: User:Paul
Floorplan: 3D

Hive13 Project
Sandblasting Cabinet


Status: Planning
Start Date: 02/03/2014


Paul brought down the sand blaster at about the same time the air compressor was brought down. It requires some work in order to be fully operational.

Project Members

  • Paul (Project Leader)
  • Add your name to the list if you want to participate

Current Status

Right now you could in theory hook it up to an air compressor and it would function, however for optimal usage for more than just 30 seconds of work the steps in the TODO section need to be completed.


  1. Replace top viewing window // door plexiglass
  2. Acquire & Install Moisture Traps & Air Regulator
  3. Fabricate // Attach shop-vac adapter

Historic Info

  • Brought down to the hive
  • 2/3/2014 - Initiated project page to document needs for this tool
  • 7/1/2014 - Nancy brought down a bit of fine blast media.



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