SawStop PCS Table Saw

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Owner/Loaner: Hive13
Hive13 Asset Tag: HV0274
Make/Model: SawStop PCS31230-TGP252 (google)
Arrival Date: September 13, 2021
Does it work?: Yes
Certification Needed?: Yes
Contact: Woodworking Warden
Floorplan: Woodshop
Manual: Manual


This is a modern, cabinet style table saw that has the SawStop safety feature of being able to stop and retract the blade in the event of contact with human flesh, preventing amputation accidents. It was authorized by member vote 20210907, and subsequently purchased on 9/13/2021. Here is the {link} to the sales receipt.

General Safety

Table saws are inherently dangerous, and often in ways that are counter-intuitive. Just because this saw has the SawStop flesh-sensing safety system, does NOT mean it can't still hurt you very badly. Kickback can be just as damaging (or worse) than accidental contact with the blade.


What is Kickback? How does it happen? Why is it Dangerous?

Avoiding Kickback Due to Workpiece Rotation


Avoiding Kickback Due to Blade Pinch


Blade Contact

Do not assume the SawStop brake will save you, ALWAYS use the saw as it the brake were turned off.

No-Finger Zones


Push Sticks and Push Blocks


Blade Guards


Eye, Ear, and Lung Health

  • Always use eye protection, wood chips come off the blade at around 100 MPH
  • Always use hearing protection, table saw are loud and can damage your hearing with surprisingly little exposure
  • Wood dust will ruin your lungs with cancer and other cancer-like health issues, ALWAYS use dust collection when making cuts. Use both the cabinet collector AND the over-table blade guard collection whenever possible.

Types of Cuts


Instructions for safely making rip cuts here


Instructions for safely making crosscuts here


Instructions for safely resawing here

Sheet Goods

Instructions for safely cutting sheet goods here

Rabbet/Dado/Groove Cutting

Instructions for safely cutting Rabbets/Dados/Grooves here

Types of Blades

General Purpose Blade

stuff here

Crosscut and Plywood Blade

Stuff here

Ripping Blade

Stuff here

Dial-Adjust Stacking Dado Blades

Stuff here

Changing Blades

Remove the Installed Blade

how to do it here

Install the New Blade

how to do it here

Adjust the Brake Gap

how to do it here

SawStop Flesh-Sensing Emergency Brake


Ensuring Material Compatibility

Metal Detector


Moisture Meter


Blade Contact Test

Put the saw in "on" mode, but with the start/stop paddle in the "Stop" position, touch the material to the blade, if the red light on the control box comes on, the material will trigger the brake.

Disabling the Safety System

ONLY do this if you are cutting conductive material (like aluminum, some laminates, or very wet wood) that would set off the brake.

  • instructions here

Changing the Brake

Required if it has been triggered, or if switching between a 10" blade and an 8" dado stack

  • instructions here

Sleds and Jigs

Miter Gauge

uses go here

Crosscut Sled

Needs to be modified for new miter slot spacing

Finger Joint Attachment

To Be Built

Jointing and Angle Cutting Sled

To Be Built

Spline Jig

Needs to be modified for new miter slot spacing

Circle Cutting Jig

To Be Built

Picture Frame Sled

To Be Built