Sept 4, 2012

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


  • There's not really an agenda

Old Business

Ongoing Business

New Business


  • John ( C(triple)E(quad)O )
  • Craig (CFO)
  • Jim
  • Bill
  • Dave M.
  • Chris Hodapp
  • Brandon (shadoxx)
  • Rick
  • Steve and Craig
  • Jason
  • Kyle
  • Matt (with Kyle)
  • Other Chris


  • Introductions
    • Craig will be hosting a CANbus talk at this month's 2600 meeting.
    • Bill's UltraBot Kickstarter has been accepted! Congrats Bill!
    • Dave M. is sad because Bill has ousted him as Mayor on Foursquare. Retribution shall be served!
  • John has begun working on cleaning the dirty room, working on a "tagging" system for things that occupy Hive space, replaced Makerbot table
  • Jim is having speakers for next week's meeting, the guys who make the R2D2 props (that's from "Starwars"). They've written some books.
  • Brandon brought bread (laced with LSD). Hodapp informs everyone LSD can be used to make LSD.
  • Jim's "Field Trip Committee"
    • Chris: Largest steam engine tour on East Side of town, by Coney Island
  • Maybe moving business portion of meetings to the mailing list (Huzzah!)
  • "Hive13 Framework" mailing list...for Hive13 Framework discussion. John will tell people what that means in the future.