September 10, 2013

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old Business

  • Equipment documentation/certification--Mike H

New Business


  • Mike H
  • Ian (Pres)
  • Jon (COO)--stepper drivers
  • Joe-guest-mech engineering student
  • Franklin
  • Hodapp
  • Ryan Anderson--worked on 3D printer, swapped out pulleys
  • Paul V--went to PAX in Seattle
  • Jason AKA Frictor--painted up some settlers of catan pieces
  • Nancy--
  • Jordan--vintage video game system
  • Ryan 1.0--has 25 DIY arduinos, see him if you are interested!
  • Dave--IR interface for smartphone
  • Brandon AKA Shaddox--worked on track
  • Mike
  • Dave B--wiring house, fixing stuff, etc
  • Bill S--designed and built a 3D printer in 3 days
  • Jim (Treasurer)--saw discovery space shuttle
  • Tom--Inventor's Council
  • John(?)-guest from inventor's council
  • Jackie guest from inventor's council
  • Tye
  • Dan H--Pear Cider carbonation
  • ?(Guest)

Remote Attendees

  • Marcus
  • TIffany


  • Jim D: Power tool drag racing
    • Rules have been drafted and sent around--this was displayed on the projector
    • "Christmas Tree" and control circuit for the track are being worked on here
    • Many volunteer oportunities
    • Offer of trophies
  • Jim--electric items for donation
    • Many interesting things up for grabs from Rich Alden
    • Could go to Hive, or if you are interested in something in particular, talk to Jim
    • Secretary will send this to the email list.
  • Jon--we need stuff at the hive
    • How do we vote on items to buy?
    • We need:
      • Nice Multimeter
      • Adjustable power supply (Tye's is currently at Hive, TY)
      • Dave's suggestion: email to Google list for
      • More pallet racks for storage: $250-300 estimate
        • Shaddox and Dave B may have hook-ups for big racks
  • Marcus--deadline to order the boards is about 1.5 wks
    • looking like we'll do the simpl