September 17, 2013

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old Business

New Business

  • Safety classes on woodworking equipment. New (old?) members are not trained on safe operation and woodworking basics. Also, bandsaw blade has broken (unrelated). - shadoxx


  • Nancy--Does #6 plastic work like shrinky dinks?
  • Koi
  • Chris--Guest--we are glad u are here!
  • Koi-
  • ?(sorry!) --knitting pattern-brought Munchkin!
  • Chris Hodapp
  • Tyler
  • Jim(treasurer)-power tool drag racing!
  • Franklin--new bluetooth watch! working on power tool drag race "Tree" tonight
  • Tye
  • Jon--COO
  • Ryan 1.0
  • Ryan
  • Jason--Linux build, etc
  • Ian-El Presidente--midnight release of GTA5! See Ian for RFI card if you need one.
  • Jason--Pathfinder campaign
  • Ian--cincy comiccon, and hommade icelight
  • Dan
  • Amber(m)--foam core weapon creation!
  • Brandon AKA Shaddox--worked on home network and on Python
  • Mike(m)--preparing for radio communications conference
  • Wyatt--making acrylic boxes
  • Dave--temp reading smartphone
  • John--guest--welcome!
  • Ruth--here with John
  • Jordan--shift alt b solves problems
  • Aaron-0open data project
  • Dave--caught a rainbow trout in yellowstone river
  • Brent--ideas for homemade forge

Remote Attendees


  • Jim--Circuit bending on Thursday night, also will be working on power tool drag race stuff


  • Jim--Power tool drag racing
    • detail displayed on overhead
    • "Triple-crown"--first is sept28. in louisville
    • Physical example of the track is here tonight.
    • "Christmas tree" light stand being put together by Hive members, will count down race start
    • Shaddox gave race day sound demo.]
    • website is NOW LIVE!!
    • still time to build a racer
    • $25 registration fee
    • STEM desk for power tools--need volunteers for this too!
  • Jon--Robo lawnmowers going to bill steele
    • there is a stereo receiver in the hive up for grabs, please take it home!
  • Shaddox
    • woodworking stuff is very very dangerous
    • Please do not use it if you do not have proper understanding
    • volunteer for this?
  • bandsaw blade is not working
  • Jim--volunteering to help teach some workshop safety
    • Shaddox will help make document
    • will put together safety document