September 18, 2018

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Time: 7:30 PM Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.

Meeting Agenda


  • Noise Curfew - Quiet hours are 10:30pm to 7am.
  • Shelf D is up for grabs. New stuff goes on Shelf E.
  • Liability waivers must be legible.
  • Label your personal supplies & tools.
  • At the end of the meeting, please put your chair back on the cart.
  • Reminder, we are a community. Keep the space clean. If you need to have a mess, claim it on the mailing list. Use the mailing list if you are going to do a long job or will need some equipment for a specific time.
  • Broken things at the Hive? E-mail to report them.

Old Business

  • Annex
    • Laser Cutter Status
      • Big Laser
        • Operational
        • You must re-certify - see Greg, Dave V., Ryan, or Lorin to do so.
      • Small Laser
    • Leaks pending suitable ladder to fix
  • Lounge
    • Layout
  • 2X4 Challenge Competition
  • Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire
  • Warden Hours

New Business

  • Internet forced upgrade (200Mb!) - do we want phone/TV?

This Week in Wiki

Upcoming events



  • Housekeeping
    • Usual announcements. See agenda.
    • Shelf D is up for grabs. New stuff goes on shelf E.
  • Old Business
    • Annex
      • Big laser is mostly operational. Z is flaky.
      • Small laser is nearly operational.
      • See Dave V or Lorin to recertify before you use the laser. Power settings have dramatically changed.
      • Greg intends to attack the remaining leaks once a suitable ladder appears.
    • Lounge
      • Will has done nothing this week. Shame on Will.
    • SEM may be available for the open house. Brad is researching.
    • 2x4 Challenge is underway. The deadline is 2018-10-12.
    • Makerfaire was last weekend.
      • Thanks to all that assisted with the Learn to Solder badge.
      • We need to have a run of brochures and business cards printed. We're out.
      • We made 105 boards. Took in $158.
    • Warden Hours
      • Warden hours are happening. Last week saw the robotics team using the laser, Meydan and Ian learning to use the CNC.
  • New Business
    • Our internet plan is no longer available.
    • The plan seems to have a mandatory bundling.. do we want TV? Phone? Further negotiation?
    • Kevin is making some Hive13 signs out of MDF.
    • Kevin S has come into a source of carbon fiber rods from arrow shafts and crossbow bolts if anyone needs them for 3D printer construction or similar.
        • Kevin has access to nice cutting equipment.
        • This is high quality tube, often discarded for minor imperfections.
        • 3/16" to 1/4" in diameter. thick cross section. Survives being shot into targets at around 400FPS.
    • The nail guns have arrived.
  • The Week in Wiki
    • Dave added information to the laser page.
    • Will added information to the Open House page.
  • Upcoming Events
    • See agenda.
  • Votes
    • There are no votes this week.
  • Round-tuit Round
    • Tim - has been working on building a small foundry.
    • Jeremy - Lockpicking tools have arrived. Helped at MakerFaire.
    • Will - Made a Hive13 sandwich board for the side-walk. went to the comic expo. Beating an old mac into shape.
    • Kerensa - Fully enjoying the electron microscope. Working on her design portfolio.
    • Chris H - has done basically nothing. has been powerless for a week due to a breaker failure.
    • Nancy - helped at MakerFaire. Put 100 miles on her new bike. Held kitchen warden hours.
    • Ian - Building some wooden flat-pack shelves for an event next week.
    • Dave - Has been out of town on a couple different trips. Has mounted solar panels on his roof.
    • Mason - Visiting. Bought parts for a PC build. Someone mentioned us at DAAP.
    • Trent - Visiting. Measured some old buildings and bought some old tools.
    • Kevin - Wasted time calculating feeds and speeds before the meeting. Worked on his spice rack with the new router.
    • Mike H - Helped at MakerFaire. Working on changing the connector some LED light strips.
    • Tifanny - Helped at the MakerFaire.
    • Brad - Helped at MakerFaire. Bought a hand plane and roll of filament at auction. These have been donated.
    • Jim - Has been in Chicago at IMTS (International Manufacturing Technology Show). Brought some Tormach and Haas CNC mill literature.
    • Greg - working on addressable lighting for the lounge.
    • Ryan - Attempting to use Linux as a primary laptop OS. Could use assistance from someone who understands sleep states.