September 2, 2014

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old Business

  • Jim S - postponing until next week again
  • Ventilation for welding room
  • Lathe cleaning update
  • NERF Modding class scheduling

New Business

  • Hive apiary project
  • CTO budget analogous to COO budget

New Members


  • Brent - 3d modeling
  • Bill - no idea
  • Hodapp - photos from wedding
  • Paul - insert for box for game or something
  • Julian - lamp for shapeoko
  • Franklin - cutting die
  • Jim S - Dragoncon
  • Jim D
  • Nancy - nothing
  • Dan M - Costuming group
  • Ryan - welding on cnc
  • Jon - learn to solder badge holder
  • Jon - cleaning corner for DIY bio
  • Dave
  • shadoxx - absolutely nothing
  • Jon
  • Joseph - coffeescript


  • Two votes today, one for upgrading Shapeoko, other for welding table.
  • Vote for Welding Table: $1000 to purchase a table - 13 in person votes yes, 1 vote yes on mailing list. Motion passes.
  • Vote for Shapeoko: $250 for upgrades, clamps and spindle, "cutty things" - 13 in person votes yes, 1 abstain
  • Update to power series, unable to pick up batteries. Need to find a way to get new batteries. Meeting tomorrow for racer fab.
  • Update for Makerfaire: two weeks away from Cinci MiniMakerfaire. We'll have a booth inside, powertool drag racing in South parking lot. Need volunteers to load and unload track. We've signed up for Louisville and Columbus Makerfaire as well ( just Powertool Drag Racing ).
  • Jim and Dave is working on laser documentation. Need fire extinguishers.
  • Working on Hive Apiary project, it's coming along nicely. Getting ready to demo for the faire!
  • Vote to approve CTO budget next week. $100/mo
  • Filament discussion on mailing list, need to figure out a system to pay for used filament. Going through stock fairly rapidly now that we have multiple 3d printers. Discussion after meeting.
  • Cleared off shelf near server, need help moving more things to clear space.