September 20, 2011

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old / Ongoing Business

  • Lease - Dave Menninger
  • Paul - Showerboard for white board edging.
  • Doorbell - Dave Menninger
  • Cleaning up the space - cjdavis, Dave Myers
    • Items of interest - get em fast
      • UPS x2 (One of them shows promise, possible ground fault)
      • Box O' Laptops
      • Stack O' Desktops

New Business

  • custom domain for - Hive13Bot support?
  • tables, benches, shelving from Dave B's work


  • Paul - Software Developer, Group Secretary
  • Chris A. - "Burned out IT Worker"
  • Dave B. - Embedded Systems "Make Fast Cars Go Faster"
  • Tye - Embedded Systems
  • Chris Davis - COO
  • Chris Hodapp - Chris #3, Software Engineer // EE, Graphics & Photography
  • Craig - Software Security, Reverse Engineering, CFO (Membership), Arcade MAME
  • Dave - Electronics, Wind Turbines, Found about us through Derby Con -> B-Sides -> Hackerspaces
  • Scott Hall - Sysadmin // Monitoring, Pick up Eletronics (Arduino)
  • Jeff - Automated Tests, HAM radio operator (Analog to digital communications)
  • Tom Lausen (sp?) - Structural Test Lab (product testing),
  • Guest, works w/ Tom (missed his name).
  • Jim, Mechanical Engineer, wants to make an animtronic thing


  • Dave B. putting stove on craigs list.
  • Dave B. calling dude about the CRT projectors.
  • Dave B. there is an EEProm writer (sorta) in the purgatory shelves. Missing parts, only has DOS drivers.
  • Dave B. Postage Scale w/ intermittent LCD scale sitting in purgatory.
  • Custom domain shortening,
  • Dave B. Shelves, benches, tables
    • Cost of a Tax Receipt
    • Way more than we want.
  • Hackerspace Passports
    • See Craig, $3 each
    • Spot for pictures
  • Science Hack-a-Hack
    • Jim looked into publicity a while back, offering to be one of the PR junkies.
  • Jim - Next week, "So you want to have an LLC"
    • Craig has a Lawyer // Accountant that can come on up.
    • "First Of" could be a series.
    • Maybe make an "Incubator" web page.

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